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Regular oil changes are essential for the smooth running and proactive maintenance of a car. Synthetic oil provides superior lubrication and protection to a car’s engine than that of conventional oil. In addition, the enhanced technology means that the intervals between oil changes are extended. Autobahn of Boca’s experienced synthetic oil change technicians will determine the correct type of oil and service change intervals for the make and model of vehicle.

Full Synthetic Oil Change vs. Blended Synthetic Oil Change

Most late-model cars require synthetic oil, a refined and highly improved type that offers several advantages over that of conventional oil. Synthetic oil provides improved lubrication, advanced cleaning, better fuel economy, and higher performance. There are two types of synthetic oil: full and blended. The type an engine needs is dependent on multiple factors, including driving habits, miles covered, and the age of the car. 

Your professional Autobahn of Boca synthetic oil change includes determining the correct oil for your vehicle, oil filter maintenance, and advice as to the approximate time before the next change is needed.

Synthetic Oil Change Intervals

Apart from the improved lubrication and performance aspects, one of the biggest advantages of synthetic oil is that it extends the amount of time between oil changes. This is because they’re engineered to maintain their viscosity over longer periods and at higher temperatures, so reducing engine wear. 

Most newer cars are equipped with oil monitoring systems that alert the driver when an oil change is due. This is factored through onboard computer analysis of the vehicle’s operating systems, thereby identifying when the oil begins to degrade. Older systems provide the oil change alert solely through time and mileage, so are not as accurate. Synthetic oil change intervals are lengthier than those of conventional oil and can range anywhere from 5,000 to even 15,000 miles. Autobahn of Boca will ensure that the amount of time between changes is specific to your vehicle and driving conditions/habits.

Autobahn of Boca: The trusted source for synthetic oil changes in Boca Raton

Oil changes are an essential element of good car maintenance. Timely adherence to a full synthetic oil change or blended synthetic oil change schedule is part of preventative car care. At Autobahn of Boca, customers benefit from a highly professional and experienced service—always with a smile—for every brand and age of car.  

Whether you drive a BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, or any other marque, you can relax, confident that the correct grade and type of synthetic oil will be used. Don’t settle for anything less than outstanding service. Contact Autobahn of Boca for your synthetic oil change today.

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