Preventative Car Maintenance

Keep Your Vehicle in Fine Tune

Maintaining your car isn’t just good practice, it’s vital for many reasons. The most important of these is safety—for you, your passengers, and the public at large. Cars, and luxury cars in particular, represent a significant amount of money, so it makes sense to carry out regular preventative maintenance to ensure it holds its value. The following details exactly what this entails, and the many reasons why prevention really is better than cure…

Vital Preventative Car Maintenance Services

- Wheels and tires   
- Oil and oil filter    
- Batteries  
- Brakes and clutches  
- Spark plugs    
- Interior and exterior filters
- Belts, hoses, pulleys, and tensioners

Vehicle safety

There’s more than one aspect of vehicle safety. The first is your own and your passengers—when traveling at speed it’s vital to know that your car will perform in the way it’s meant to. The second is the safety of those around you. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the dangers of brake failure, tire issues, or other vehicle issues that could cause your car to become out of control.  

There’s also a third issue that’s not so commonly thought of—that of being stranded due to an inoperable car. No-one wants to be stuck without transport, either in an undesirable neighborhood or on a quiet road in the hours of darkness, or indeed at any time. 

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Preventative Car Maintenance

Wheels and Tires

Your car’s wheels need to be correctly aligned and balanced to ensure that the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed around the axle and that the tires are parallel with each other and perpendicular to the road surface. When this is the case the car drives straight and true, fuel efficiency is improved, and the ride is comfortable. This should be checked every approximately every six months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. 

Tires wear naturally with use, but the rate in which they do so depends a lot on their position on the car. Rotating them every 6 months or 6,000 miles (handily, at the same interval as wheel alignment and balancing) helps with even wear and the best life span. Another preventative car maintenance that you can carry out yourself is to check tire pressures and inspect for visible damage each week.

Oil and Oil Filters

Changing the oil and oil filter is a vital element of preventative car maintenance. Oil lubricates the engine, and without it—or if the level becomes too low—the engine will overheat and eventually be damaged. Over time, the constant movement of oil throughout the engine causes it to degrade, making it less efficient in its cooling capacity and ability to lubricate the elements of the engine.

Changing the oil and oil filter regularly (as per manufacturer recommendations) allows this crucial engine additive to work at its optimal level.  You should include an oil check in your weekly vehicle maintenance, along with the tires.


Car batteries degrade over time. A healthy battery means you won’t be let down by your car failing to start (always something that occurs at the most inconvenient moment). It also ensures that battery-draining issues such as freezing weather or leaving your car at the airport for a couple of weeks won’t leave you with an unexpected flat battery. 

Your garage can easily test the health of your battery, but you can also extend its lifespan with a  little self-maintenance. This simply means keeping the terminals clear of any crud or debris.

Brakes and Clutches

Vital checks during your annual service will determine the life left in the brakes and clutch, and carry out the necessary maintenance. If you notice any issues during normal driving activities then it’s vital to seek an expert opinion, as not only can failure cause expensive damage, but it can be dangerous as well.

Spark Plugs

Without healthy spark plugs your car won’t start. They naturally undergo wear and tear, but other elements can also cause damage, including extremes of temperature, debris, and contaminants. Your mechanic will replace these during regular maintenance services, as per their condition and the manufacturer guidelines.

Interior and Exterior Filters

It’s not only oil filters that need changing. Fuel and air filters also need to be replaced regularly, as does the cabin air filter (the one responsible for filtering the air before it’s pumped into the car via your air conditioning).

Belts, Hoses, Pulleys, and Tensioners

These are not components that you want to leave to chance, as repairs to these can be truly costly. When you get your vehicle serviced on a regular basis the mechanic will check all these elements, carrying out necessary replacements at the right time. 

While all these elements might seem complicated, the key point to understand is that routine servicing and preventative care maintenance ensures the prevention of more expensive repairs at a later date.

Vehicle Longevity

Whether it’s car repair or maintenance, the more proactive you are the longer your vehicle will last. This is easily achieved by following the regular maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Reduced Repair Costs

It’s way more expensive to repair a car than it is to carry out regular preventative maintenance. Fixing minor wear and tear is a far less arduous task than waiting until major issues stop your car in its tracks (and far kinder on your wallet as well). Quite simply, preventative care maintenance tends to run into hundreds of dollars.

Car repairs due to lack of maintenance usually add up to thousands. Plus they devalue the vehicle as well. In addition, cars that aren’t running at their optimal level have less fuel efficiency, so they cost more to run.

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