Top Five Tips for Maintaining a BMW

Top Five Tips for Maintaining a BMW

Joining the privileged ranks of BMW ownership is a goal for many. Once you’ve taken proud ownership of your pride and joy, maintaining its power, looks, and general health should be your top priority.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top five tips for maintaining a car that’s name is synonymous with luxury, quality, and a world-class driving experience.

Maintaining a BWW: From DIY to professional necessity 

·      Maintaining a BMW: Tips 1-3 are your responsibility

·      Maintaining a BMW: Tips 4 & 5 are best left to the professionals

Maintaining a BMW: Tips 1-3 are your responsibility

That feeling when you bleep entry to your BMW never fades. Therefore you owe it to your ride to carry out some simple regular maintenance tasks.

  • Tip #1: Check the tires: Older models might require a manual check, but BMW was one of the first manufacturers to roll out onboard computer tire status. While the system will continually monitor air pressure, you should make it a rule to reset it and check the pressures every month. Remember that this facility only applies to the pressure of the tires, not the condition. Visually inspect them once a month for any uneven wear.
  • Tip #2: Check the rubber hoses and gaskets: This is a simple task, even for those who aren’t mechanically-minded. Pop the hood and look at all the visible parts that are made from perishable materials—these are the hoses and gaskets. Cracks and faulty seals should be flagged with your repair shop and booked in for maintenance.
  • Tip #3: Pay attention to your on-board computer: Even older BMWs flash up to tell you when a service or attention is needed. The clever techies who make the cars have made this as easy as possible for you, so don’t ignore it. Today’s models even tell you how many miles you have until the next maintenance is needed, giving you plenty of time to plan and book an appointment with your local BMW specialist.

Maintaining a BMW: Tips 4 & 5 are best left to the professionals

  • Tip #4: Ensure the oil is changed regularly: Dependent on the model, this could be anywhere up to 15,000 miles. However, your expert BMW technician will tell you the exact timings. These might differ according to the climate, your driving style, and regular mileage.
  • Tip #5: Ensure spark plugs and filters are regularly maintained: Your Beemer is pretty damn intelligent, but it can’t (yet) tell you when to change filters and spark plugs. This is why it’s essential to stick to a regular maintenance program so this is addressed by a professional mechanic.

In short, apart from some minor and easy monthly checks, you can rest assured that most BMWs with an on-board computer will warn you of anything untoward. This makes your responsibilities clear: Book your wheels in for regular servicing, keep it clean, and ensure you remain vigilant for anything that doesn’t look or sound quite right.

Oh, and make sure you partner with a trusted mechanical service provider who’s experienced in working on BMWs. Do all of this and trouble-free, luxury motoring is yours for the asking…

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