The Role of Routine Maintenance

The Role of Routine Maintenance

Routine car maintenance is the key to trouble-free motoring. However, the high prices charged by main dealers—especially for prestige cars—can make it tempting to push the gaps between regular appointments to the maximum and beyond.

While it might seem a good move at the time, this is not a cost-effective plan for the health of your car. 

The following discusses why ensuring routine maintenance is carried out as per the manufacturer’s recommendations is the only way to drive down the costs of owning a car. 

All About Routine Maintenance 

  • What do we mean by routine maintenance?
  • What happens when you neglect routine maintenance?

What do we mean by routine maintenance? 

Routine maintenance can be broken down into two distinct categories:

  • Weekly and monthly checks that you carry out yourself
  • Service aspects that are carried out either annually or after a certain amount of mileage 

The regular DIY checks that every car owner should ensure they do regularly include:

  • Checking tire treads and pressures
  • Checking the engine’s fluid levels (oil, water, washer bottle ,etc.)
  • Checking all the vehicle’s lights are functioning correctly
  • Running the air conditioning at least once a week (even in the winter) 

The annual service (or when you hit a certain number of miles) covers the routine maintenance of the engine. It also checks the components of the braking system, exhaust emissions, and many of the structural aspects of the car. Most vehicles on the road today have a computerized engine management system. The garage technician will connect this to a specialist device that checks everything is working as it should. If not, then the respective parts will be replaced or repaired as necessary.

What happens when you neglect routine maintenance? 

Failing to have your car serviced correctly will mean parts become worn and don’t function as they should. This has a knock-on effect on the rest of the vehicle, causing premature wear elsewhere. As a result, the car is likely to be less economical on fuel, fail to run as it should, and end up with a variety of parts needing to be replaced at some point—usually before the expected lifespan has passed. 

In addition, the car is likely to become less reliable, as well as increasing the likelihood of catastrophic failure. There’s also the risk that the car could become unsafe to drive.

Main Dealer, Local Car Shop, or DIY Routine Maintenance? 

  • The pros & cons of routine maintenance choices

The pros & cons of routine maintenance choices 

Apart from the regular at-home checks, the choice of carrying out annual maintenance is as follows:

  • Main dealer
  • Local garage
  • DIY service

Unless you’re adept at vehicle maintenance, the DIY option is unlikely to suffice. Many people utilize a local garage, often at prices considerably less than that of a main dealer. While there are many excellent outlets, do be aware that some might not use branded parts or have the expertise to work on certain prestige marques.

Main dealer servicing is by far the most expensive option. However, there is the reassurance that the mechanics will be trained and qualified to work on that particular make of car, plus the parts should all be brand specific.

If you own a luxury car, the main dealer route is often the most tempting. But there is an alternative that doesn’t sacrifice any of the quality or expertise—a garage that specializes in certain makes of cars and only employs technicians who’re trained to work on them.

Fancy Main Dealer Routine Maintenance Local Prices? Autobahn of Boca is leading the Revolution for Luxury Car Owners

At Autobahn of Boca, we don’t believe that prestige car owners should have to choose between expertise or price. That’s why we only employ marque-specific, highly experienced mechanics who specialize in high-end cars, such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and VW. However, as we’re not constrained by main dealer restrictions and prices, we can pass this cost-saving onto our customers. Plus, our dedication to customer service and satisfaction needs to be experienced to be believed.

That’s why we’re fast becoming the garage of choice for savvy German car owners in Boca Raton and South Florida. 

Visit and get in touch today to book your routine maintenance appointment.

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