The Most Neglected Auto Service

The Most Neglected Auto Service 

Car maintenance is crucial to ensure your vehicle runs at its best and that it remains so for many years. While most of us know the importance of looking after the braking system, tires, oil changes, etc., some auto service elements often fly beneath the radar. 

While these might not, in the short term, cause major damage, a failure to address every element of a car’s needs will reduce its longevity and affect the resale value. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the most neglected areas of auto servicing and why ignoring them is so detrimental to the car. 

3 Oft-Forgotten Elements of Car Care 

  • 3: Car batteries
  • 2: All-round climate control care 
  • 1: And the winner is….? Power steering fluid 

3: Car batteries

While today’s batteries don’t need any maintenance, they still degrade over time. This means that they have a finite lifespan—something many of us forget until the car won’t start. In general, batteries have a 3–5-year lifespan, after which they fail to hold their charge so well or might discharge suddenly. 

Getting your battery tested once a year, plus checking the terminals for any corrosion, is key to good maintenance. Do this and, should the charge be less than expected, installing a new one is something all car owners should be doing.

2: All-round climate control care 

For those who live in a particularly hot or cold climate, it can be easy to forget that a car’s heating and cooling system has a dual function. If the mercury regularly tops 80 degrees, then you’re really only concerned about the air con. Conversely, if snow and ice blanket the ground for the majority of the year, then you’ll likely have the temperature set at a comfortably high level. 

This means that checking that both the heating and cooling work at an optimal level might not be given the attention it deserves. However, as the system is dynamic, both must be working correctly for the best results. If you notice any reduced function, then it’s important to get it checked ASAP. This usually signals a leak somewhere in the system. The sooner it’s located the better, as the leak will only get worse. Over time, this can lead to a major repair, something that can be costly in both parts and labor. 

1: And the winner is…? Power steering fluid  

This humble little fluid gets the dubious honor of being the most neglected area of auto servicing. Yet failing to check and replenish it regularly can lead to damage and reduced driving comfort. 

As with any lubricating fluid, it degrades over time. As it does, it becomes less efficient at aiding the system, causing heavier steering and—if ignored over the long-term—reduces the smoothness of the drive.  

At Autobahn of Boca, No Element of Auto Service is Neglected  

There’s a reason that the region’s luxury car owners flock to Autobahn for their car servicing needs. It’s because they know that they can trust our highly experienced vehicle technicians to not overlook a single aspect of car care. Add in the fact that each is fully trained to work on their marque of specialties, such as Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, VW, and Audi, and the result is a service equal (or better) than that found at main dealers. 

You can rest assured that every aspect of servicing is satisfied during an Autobahn service. It’s a matter of pride that every vehicle only leaves our garage running to perfection—even down to the smallest details, such as refreshing or replacing the power steering fluid. 

Discover more about why we’re South Florida’s luxury vehicle service provider of choice at    

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