How To Fix My Car AC

How To Fix My Car AC

AC, or climate control, is something we’ve learned not to be able to live without. For those who drive luxury marques, this comfort is something that increases the driving pleasure. Not only are you in full control of the marvel of advanced engineering, but you do so at the perfect ambient temperature.

So… What should you do if it goes wrong? 

Let’s not be shy here. If there’s a problem with a car’s AC, then you’re going to need some expert help. Discover exactly why fixing a vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t something that most people should be tinkering with in their back yard…

From Recharge to Car AC Repair: Air Conditioning is a Technical Element of Drive Engineering

  • All about car AC repair
  • All about car AC recharge

All about car AC repair

Aircon and/or climate control within a car can, like any aspect of your vehicle, run into problems. The most obvious is that it needs to have the gases recharged, which we’ll talk about in a moment. More worrying (and potentially expensive) is when there’s a failure of the system itself.

The problem with AC is that the components within it are somewhat fragile. They’re susceptible to damage and, if this occurs, will allow the gas within the system to leak out. The biggest problem with fixing AC in a car is that it often takes time to find where the problem is and then you need to access it.

The AC system is basically a network of fine tubes, through which the gas—called a refrigerant—is pumped. A compressor pushes this around the system. However, because it has to be positioned at the front of the car where cooling air flows across it, means it’s vulnerable to stone chips and impact from any debris.

Seals within the system also become fatigued over time. The hoses can split, and the fine metal tubing can also fracture. All of this adds up to one simple thing: you need an expert to fix a damaged AC system.

When you entrust the repair to the pros, you know that the task will be carried out correctly and you also have a guarantee. In addition, they’ll ensure that they legally cope with any escaping refrigerant gas or any that needs to be disposed of (there are strict laws about this). 

All about car AC recharge 

Another aspect of a well-functioning AC system is to have it regularly recharged. If you notice that the cooling isn’t as good as it should be, this is a clear sign that it’s overdue. 

While there are DIY AC recharge canisters available to purchase online, any engineer will tell you that these simply aren’t worth the money. This is down to many reasons:

  • You don’t know that your system is leak-free so there’s no guarantee using one will work
  • You also don’t know the exact amount and type necessary for your vehicle
  • It’s also necessary to add the correct amount of lubricant, which is vital for keeping the internal elements of the system in good health
  • If you accidentally recharge a leaky AC system, letting the gas out into the atmosphere, you’re committing an illegal act of pollution

Being as we rely on our AC and climate control systems to ensure we drive in comfort, it makes complete sense to entrust a recharge or repair to the experts.

Need Car AC Repair or Recharge? Contact Autobahn of Boca Today

Ensuring that you have the ultimate in cooling, heating, and climate control within the cabin of your car means an expert repair should there be an issue and ensuring that recharging is done regularly.

Today’s most luxurious vehicles have an inbuilt system that copes with the tiniest of nuances in the outside temperature, tweaking system to ensure you ride in perfect comfort. Understanding these sophisticated systems is almost an art form in itself—something that our experience AC engineers pride themselves in being. 

Whether it’s a simple recharge or your vehicle’s system isn’t quite working as expected, you can trust Autobahn to get it sorted with the minimum of fuss.

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