General Mechanics vs. European Car Repair Specialists

General Mechanics vs. European Car Repair Specialists

Driving a European car is the height of luxury. If you’re already the owner of a high-end marque, such as a Mercedes, VW, BMW, Porsche, or Audi, then we don’t need to convince you of the joy it brings every time you slip behind the wheel. For those who’re ready to make the switch, we promise you’ll never look back.

However, one quandary many European car owners have is this; who should you get to look after your pride and joy? Can you go to a general mechanic or should you seek out a European car specialist? If the latter is the case, then why is this? 

Read on to discover why expertise is everything when it comes to trouble-free and cost-effective motoring. 

The Difference Between a General Mechanic and European Car Specialists

  • What is a general mechanic?
  • What is a European car specialist? 

What is a general mechanic?

A general mechanic is a tradesperson who can carry out servicing and repairs on a wide variety of cars. They might be at the beginning of their career or have many years or decades of experience. Such a person is well capable of carrying out some of the more straightforward tasks on any car, including tire rotation and changes, oil changes, and more. 

Without wanting to sound dismissive of a general mechanic or a general car repair shop’s expertise—as many of them are very talented—such a professional won’t have specialized in the intricacies of a particular marque, such as those from Europe. As cars become increasingly technical, this can be an issue if the mechanic hasn’t undergone up-to-date training on the type of car you own. 

What is a European car specialist? 

A European car specialist will have additional expertise in working on cars from the continent. Makes, such as BMW, Mercedes, and more, are particularly advanced when it comes to technical specifications—sometimes much more so than home-grown marques.

Because of this, a mechanic who hasn’t undergone additional training to service and repair European cars won’t have the experience to know their intricacies and foibles.

This is something that’ll only become more relevant as cars become even more technical. It’s no longer the case that any good mechanic can pop the hood on any make or model and see the same workings within an engine. Many of the tweaks are carried out via advanced software or a computer is needed to diagnose a fault. Electronics play a massive part in modern car tech, making issues complex to find for those who haven’t specialized in a particular manufacturer.

Another reason to entrust your car to a European car specialist is that they’ll stock or be able to easily source genuine parts. A general mechanic might have to wait to get their hands on these or, instead, use pattern parts that lack longevity or—even worse—reduce the finely-tuned performance of your luxury ride.

Quite simply, if you’ve gone to the effort of purchasing and driving the wonder that is a vehicle from Europe, then you surely want an expert to look after it.  

Looking for European Car Specialists in Florida? You Need Autobahn of Boca 

At Autobahn, we live, breathe, and dream of luxury European cars. Not only are our technicians marque-trained to the highest level, but our whole team also has a passion for these marvels of top-end technology. German engineering, in particular, is our bag. If you appreciate the delights of an Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, or VW, then your wheels deserve the best care—and that’s just what we offer.

There are many reasons Florida’s luxury car drivers trust Autobahn of Boca with their car servicing needs. Head to to find out more and get in contact today to join our ever-growing legions of fans.

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