Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain?

Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain?

Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain?

Volvos are among the most popular car brands, especially with the latest models combining sleek Scandinavian design with the latest smart technology. This is on top of the safety features and emphasis on premium build quality that the Swedish luxury vehicle brand is best known for. 

However, as with any car purchase, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration before buying—one of which is the cost. Volvos occupy the middle zone between mainstream and premium car markets. While you’d be aware of their price tag upfront, another detail to consider is the cost of upkeep over time.

This is why most people ask themselves this before getting a Volvo: are they expensive to maintain?

Overview of Volvo Maintenance

The short answer to the question is that no, they’re not any more expensive in this sense than other vehicles. There’s a common misconception that Volvos are expensive to keep on the road, but this isn’t necessarily true. As with any other vehicle, keeping up a regular maintenance schedule is key to keeping maintenance costs low. 

What routine maintenance checks do you then have to schedule for your vehicle?

Oil checks and changes

Every vehicle needs regular oil checks and changes to ensure a long and healthy life, but this becomes even more important for Volvo’s latest vehicles. This is because they use forced induction in their engines to create power. While this optimizes fuel economy, it also means added heat from your engine, which regular scheduled oil changes address. 

Inspection and Maintenance of Critical Components

Part of regular maintenance is checking the vehicle’s critical components, such as steering mechanisms, brakes, and suspension. When you visit an authorized Volvo repair shop, they’ll enact a multi-point inspection of your vehicle as a preventative measure. This ensures that you stay ahead of any possible car trouble, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Where Should You Go for Volvo Maintenance and Repairs?

Volvos are known for their reliability, but their consistent performance can only be guaranteed if matched by quality maintenance. While the brand manufacturer offers a factory-scheduled maintenance program, it’s only for three complimentary maintenance service for three years. Afterwards, you can choose to stick with Volvo’s prepaid maintenance plan or go to an authorized Volvo service center.

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Autobahn uses the most advanced tools in providing their standard services, which include preventive maintenance, tire service installation and repair, maintenance of engine and transmission, and electrical services. They also perform in-depth health checks, components and systems checks, mechanical and electrical adjustments, and routine parts replacements for your Volvo.

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