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 Changing the oil in your car might not be at the forefront of your mind when thinking about maintenance, but the importance of doing so at the advised regular intervals is paramount for the health of your vehicle. Failing to ensure this is done won’t only mean that your car doesn’t run at its optimal level, it also dramatically reduces engine longevity and impacts the amount of hard-earned dollars you’ll spend on the lifetime care of your wheels.

Signs Your Car Might be Due for an Oil Change

- Strange ticking or tapping sounds: Oil doesn’t have an infinite lifespan—it breaks down over time.
- A burnt oil odor: The smell of burnt oil in the cabin of the car needs to be addressed straight away. Not only does this mean there’s probably a leak, but the engine is likely to be low on oil.

Live elsewhere or away from home? Discover your closest oil change provider

If you search online for an oil change near me in an unfamiliar area be sure to back it up with, at the very least, checking independent online reviews. That way you can be sure that the service provider is reputable, uses the correct grade of oil for your vehicle, and carries out a satisfactory job.

For Oil Changes, Servicing & Repairs, Contact Autobahn Of Boca

The importance of a well-maintained car can’t be overstated, and this means utilizing the most professional and qualified sources to carry out routine and specialist work on your car. Autobahn of Boca is the leading maintenance and repair shop based in Boca Raton and is a trusted source for those who want to know that they can rely on work being carried out to the highest standard.

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