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Keep Your Mini in the Ultimate Condition

Service plans for a Mini or Mini Cooper should be model, age, and make specific to ensure the smooth running of the car, year after year. Providing such care is exactly what’s afforded to your pride and joy when you entrust Autobahn of Boca with any Mini service or repair needs.  The one-stop Boca Raton premises and a team of advanced technicians guarantee that your Mini will be serviced in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. By using the very latest tools and advanced diagnostic equipment, combined with Mini-specific knowledge, provides the trouble-free motoring you need from your car.

Servicing by Mini Specialists

At Autobahn of Boca we live and breathe Minis. One of our all-time favorite cars, who can’t fail to be captivated by the unique look and racecar-like quality. From the Mini Cooper to the Countryman, the Mini Clubman to the Roadster, it’s a car that’s as unique as you are, and therefore deserves to be serviced and maintained by a team who love your car as much as you do.

Every service provides an all-encompassing health check and routine maintenance, assessing over 50 different systems and component checks, mechanical and electrical adjustments, and parts replacement.

Autobahn has your Mini Services Covered

Autobahn of Boca carries out every kind of Mini and Mini Cooper Service, such as:

-       Regular maintenance
-       Interim service
-       Full service
-       Manufacturer service 

Whatever you use your Mini for – perhaps you commute, it’s your weekend fun car, used for short hops or extended road trips – our expert service technicians tailor the service plan according to the car and how you use it. This makes us the ideal service provider for Minis of all ages, be they brand new from the factory showroom or a vintage model that first saw the light of day in the Swinging Sixties…

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Your Mini is a sophisticated vehicle, and the most beneficial care is only provided by those who specialize in the service, maintenance, and repairs of this wonderfully popular brand of car. Pro-active servicing and repairs are the key to motoring enjoyment, not only for trouble-free driving but to ensure that your Mini’s engine is performing at optimal levels. 

You rely on your car, so when it comes to booking your next Mini Service or repair don’t leave it to chance. Contact the Mini specialists at Autobahn of Boca to schedule your appointment.

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Speciality Mini Services

Engine Repairs and Maintenance

At certain points in its lifespan, your Mini will likely require repairs. This could be due to a noticeable fault, or when wear and tear are diagnosed during a regular service. At Autobahn of Boca, every engine repair is guaranteed to be brand-specific. By taking advantage of technicians who know Mini engines inside out means that you can rest assured of the highest level of maintenance and repair. 

Our technicians are trained to use the most advanced Mini diagnostic tools, allowing us to easily determine any engine problem—either one that you’ve noticed or an issue with no symptoms that requires addressing before it progresses and becomes a problem. Every single service or Mini repair process begins with this in-depth diagnosis, so you’re guaranteed that any work carried out gets straight to the point without the risk of any misdiagnosis or related unnecessary mechanical intervention. Not only does this ensure the highest level of car performance, but it provides a surety that you’re getting the best value for money as well.

Specialty Mini and Mini Cooper Services

Whether it’s an annual Mini Service, an oil change, or a repair to your car, Autobahn of Boca is your specialist provider for everything to do with the on-going care of your Mini. Any repairs come with an iron-cast 2-year / 24,000-mile warranty, allowing for peace of mind wherever you drive. 

When it comes to oil changes, the right type of oil must be used for the optimum running of your Mini. In addition to simply changing the oil, Autobahn of Boca will examine all the essential filters, changing when necessary, top-up engine fluids, recycle the used oil and filter, and carry out a full car inspection to check the following: 

-       Fluid in automatic transmissions
-       Washer fluid
-       Power steering fluid
-       Engine coolant levels
-       Air filter
-       Tire pressures and tire advice
-       Wiper blades
-       Car battery
-       Vehicle lights   

Their expert oil professionals will ensure your Mini gets the right oil for its type and your driving habits. This could be a synthetic, synthetic blend, or high-mileage oil, and you can rest assured that your Mini oil change will be carried out in the manner that’s best for your vehicle.

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