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We don’t realize how much we take our car heating and air conditioning for granted until it doesn’t work. That’s why it’s important to have the system serviced regularly. Both the heating and cooling elements work in conjunction with each other, and if the performance of either seems a little off then it’s a sure sign that it requires some maintenance.

The Importance of Heating and Air Conditioning Services

- The relationship between heating and air conditioning
- How to ensure the A/C and heating are in good working order
- Regular maintenance saves money

How to Ensure the A/C and Heating Are in Good Working Order

When the air conditioning and heating are serviced the technician will recharge the refrigerant in the condenser, add any necessary lubricants, and check the whole system for leaks, blockages, and damage.

The system consists of many elements, including the blower fan, heating element, thermostat, and various hoses and belts. Servicing ensures all of these are in good order, so reducing the likelihood of a reduction in the efficiency of either the heating or cooling aspects.

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The last thing you need is to swelter in the heat when air conditioning fails, or shiver as the temperature heads sub-zero. Ensure your system is working at its best by visiting Autobahn of Boca today!

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Heating and Air Conditioning FAQ

Regular maintenance saves money

Most of the elements of the system are located under the dashboard and are quite tricky to access. When a major problem occurs it can take a lot of effort (and therefore money!) to reach, which is one reason it’s so vital to maintain the good health of the system. 

The second reason is that it reduces the chance of the most expensive part of the heating/air con system becoming damaged—the compressor. Minor issues, such as blockages and leaks, can be easily dealt with if discovered early. However, if these are allowed to evolve through a lack of regular maintenance, the chances of the compressor failing becomes a distinct possibility. This will mean a hefty outlay to rectify the problem.

Air conditioning in the winter

The use of a car’s air conditioning system certainly isn’t restricted to the warmer summer months. Failing to use it in the winter can be detrimental to the whole system. This is because the refrigerant needs to be in use to remain effective, plus running the air con ensures that all the elements of the system remain effectively lubricated. 

On a more practical basis, using your air conditioning in colder months is essential because: 

It acts as a dehumidifier: So draws moisture from the air within the cabin. When you use this in warming mode it quickly creates a comfortable climate within the car.

It’s a fast way to demist the windows: Because of the dehumidifying action, using the air conditioning when demisting the windscreen is far more effective than using the blowers alone.

It’s great for icy and frosty windshields: In the same vein, on frosty mornings set the temperature on high and let the air conditioning add its superpowers to quickly melt ice on the windshield.

Removes pollutants from the air: Pollutants are a year-round issue. Using the air conditioning means that the air is filtered before you breathe it, removing dust, exhaust fumes, and bacteria. In short, it helps keep you healthy.

Odors and water

If you notice an odor coming from the air vents when you switch on the air conditioning it’s a good indication that the filters need changing. Chances are that you haven’t used the system for a while (or only sporadically) and this allows bacteria and mold to build up. While there are anti-bacterial products to help with this, it’s preferable to book an appointment with a heating and air conditioning service provider to give the system an overhaul. 

One thing that can give rise to concern is when you see a pool of water beneath your car. This tends to be a by-product of using your air conditioning in the summer. When it’s warm the compressor has to work doubly hard to draw the humidity out of the air and give you that lovely cool climate in the car. This can cause the compressor unit to freeze over, with ice forming on the surface. When you park up and turn the engine off this starts to melt, dripping down and leaving a puddle beneath the car. 

This is perfectly normal and is nothing to worry about.

Windows: open or closed?

When using your air conditioning the best practice is to keep the windows closed. While having the windows open for short periods won’t actively cause any damage, what it does do is make the system work harder. This, over time, puts more stress on the air con which can reduce its longevity.


When an engine loses power it can easily be down to an electrical issue. Electrical auto engineers use a variety of tools to pinpoint a problem and carry out the necessary repairs. Not only does this level of tuning ensure your car is running at the optimal level but it also improves fuel consumption and economy.

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