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The electrical system of your car consists of three main elements: the battery, the starter, and the alternator. However, it doesn’t end there, because this forms the basis of what provides the energy that fires all the other electrical elements of the vehicle. This includes the heating and air-conditioning, lights, airbags, central locking, heated seats, blue tooth connections, and more.

Common Electrical Problems

- Starter Motor
- Batteries
- Alternator
- Lighting
- Engine
- Air Conditioning

Why You Need an Auto Electrician

The electrical system of your car is vitally important. If a single component of the main elements (battery, starter, and alternator) isn’t working at full capacity this will start to cause issues elsewhere with the car. Weak batteries don’t only mean your car might not start, it can wreak havoc on other system parts. This makes it essential that the electrical system of your car is serviced regularly. 

Problems with other, additional electrical elements also need the talents of an engineer who specializes in car electrical services.

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Electrical issues with cars can only be effectively rectified by a specialist technician. As cars continue to be fitted with more and more electrical components, the services of an electrical expert become increasingly vital. For those living in Boca Raton, the search for that expertise has come to an end, thanks to the team of skilled professionals on your doorstep at one-stop car repair shop, Autobahn of Boca.  

With a team qualified to work on all makes of vehicles, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, and Porsche, you can rely on Autobahn of Boca for a fast, accomplished, value-for-money service no matter what your car issues.

Don’t leave the health of your car to chance, trust Autobahn of Boca to ensure you have trouble-free motoring every day of the year.

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Electrical Services

Starter motor

Starter motors do exactly what their name implies—they start the car. When you turn the ignition the battery sends power to the starter motor. This then has the arduous job of turning the flywheel and beginning the whole movement of the engine. If the power supply is affected for any reason it means the starter motor can’t do its job correctly. This could lead to having to turn the ignition key multiple times to start the car or, in a worst-case scenario, the car not starting at all. 

Auto electricians not only deal with these problems when they become apparent but can recognize warning signs during a car’s regular electrical service. This means the issue can be fixed before it ever becomes a problem.


Your battery is the starting point for the whole electrical system. Problems can occur when the battery is coming towards the end of its lifespan. There can also be issues if the power isn’t being correctly routed—something that might occur with dual battery systems or auxiliary power.


The alternator is responsible for charging the battery when the car is running. Faulty alternators cause the electrical system of the car to perform erratically. The engine will eventually lose power if this isn’t rectified. When your car has an electrical service the technician will assess that it’s supplying the current and voltage. If not, this is a head’s up that there’s a problem brewing and it can be fixed before it becomes an issue.


All the light components of the vehicle (headlights, taillights, blinkers, interior lights, etc.) are part of the electrical system. Apart from simple fixes, such as a new bulb or cracked casings, the expertise of an auto technician may be needed to mend any problems.


When an engine loses power it can easily be down to an electrical issue. Electrical auto engineers use a variety of tools to pinpoint a problem and carry out the necessary repairs. Not only does this level of tuning ensure your car is running at the optimal level but it also improves fuel consumption and economy.

Air conditioning

While many air conditioning issues can be fixed with a simple air conditioning service, the system is part of the electrical circuitry of the car. This means that problems arising over and above that of regular servicing needs may well require the services of an auto engineer to rectify.

Electronic fuel injection

Dirty fuel or blocked injectors can cause issues. An auto electrician will use advanced diagnostic tools to find the problem. They will also test that they’re performing correctly when carrying out an electrical service.


Today’s cars have many (many!) sensors. These include parking sensors, those that signify when the brakes need attention, when tire pressure is low, that you need more oil, that the outside temperature might mean ice on the road, and much more. An electrical service will confirm that all the sensors are working as they should and rectify any necessary issues.

Electric Windows

Nothing is more irritating than electric windows that fail to work. An auto electric engineer can diagnose and fix such issues.


This vital safety feature of a car is always checked when you schedule a car electrical service.

Power Steering

Problems can occur that aren’t fixed simply by checking the power steering fluid. In these cases it’s usually an electrical fault, so will need the assistance of your local car electrical services to find and sort the problem.


Radio systems and blue tooth, hands-free cell phone connections can be installed and serviced by a professional auto electrician.

Audio Devices

Sound systems and rear seat screens are all within the remit of those who specialize in car electrical services. Not only can they fix any problems, these experts can also install complete systems in your car.

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