Why Your European Car Requires a Specialist’s Touch

Why Your European Car Requires a Specialist’s Touch

European automobiles often pack a great punch under the hood, and a lot of the comforts you experience when you sit behind the wheel of a European supercar is due to precise engineering and the handiwork of thousands of dedicated designers and engineers. 

This means that the responsibility of maintaining your BMW, Porsche, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz should not fall into the hands of just any mechanic.

Why Your European Car Needs a Car Specialist

Here are some of the reasons why you need a highly skilled European car specialist handling your vehicle.

Specialists are specifically trained to handle European vehicles

It’s true that European cars typically cost more than vehicles from other markets, and for good reason—the specific type of engineering that goes into each vehicle. Mechanics and engineers who want to specialize in these vehicles undergo rigorous training to ensure that the quality of their work meets the standards set by these European brands.

When looking for European auto repair shops, look for places that have highly trained specialists. They are often trained by the manufacturer themselves and carry certifications that prove they have the qualifications to do service on your prized vehicle.

In particular, look for shops with an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification. This signifies that they employ specialists who know your car inside out.

European auto repair requires specialized tools and machines

European cars will require more than just monkey wrenches, elbow grease, and a general knowledge of vehicle engines. 

A lot of the high-end equipment factory-installed in your European luxury car requires special diagnostic and repair tools to properly maintain them, and these tools require regular maintenance and updates. These include computer-aided diagnostic systems and high-precision tools that may be inaccessible to auto repair shops that lack the necessary certifications.

European vehicles have high-tech accessories that require specialized handling

Chances are your European vehicle comes with bells and whistles that other car brands may not offer. These include features such as radar-based blind spot detectors, digital air suspensions, adaptive LED headlights and forward-looking emergency braking systems, among other things. Installing, maintaining, or even repairing these technologies require high levels of technical knowledge on how they operate. 

Spare parts are few and far between—and inauthentic parts are everywhere

European luxury vehicles are relatively rare compared to other types of vehicles, and while other brands may produce an abundance of surplus spare and replacement parts, European manufacturers often refrain from this practice.

As a result, most regular auto repair shops often need to order replacement parts straight from the manufacturers themselves, and without the guarantee that their mechanics can actually properly install these replacement parts.

On the other hand, European auto repair shops are more likely to keep certain parts in stock, and you’re guaranteed that they will only use authentic, brand-new parts for your vehicle.

Specialists simply know what they’re doing

That’s because they have had years of training and experience servicing countless vehicles like yours. You’ll even encounter specialists who have core “focus” brands, like mechanics and shops that specialize in Audi, BMW, Alfa, Mercedes-Benz, and the like. This means that they have the most experience in these particular vehicle brands and should be able to provide the best service for your car.

Visit Autobahn of Boca for the Best European Auto Repair Service in Boca Raton

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your European automobile, you need a specialist who knows your vehicle like the back of their hand. Our team of specialists are well-trained and highly qualified to service European cars, and we stand by the quality of their work and their attention to detail when it comes to servicing high-performance luxury cars. 

We also maintain and update our maintenance tools and equipment, carrying only OEM parts to ensure perfect compatibility with your vehicles. Let us give your European luxury car the care it deserves. Check us out here and book a schedule with one of our specialists today.

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