Why Does My Car Screech When I Brake?

Why Does My Car Screech When I Brake?

Screechy brakes aren’t just an annoyance, it can also be a sign of malfunction. The braking system of a vehicle is one of the most crucial elements of safe motoring, so it’s important not to ignore the problem.

The following looks at some of the most common reasons that a car might squeal when you hit the brakes.

From Driving Style to Serious Safety Issues: Why car brakes might squeal 

  • 5 reasons for screeching brakes
  • When screeching means a visit to an auto brake repair service

5 reasons for screeching brakes

Before we delve into the reasons why a car’s brakes might make a noise—such as screeching—it’s important to know that noisy brakes aren’t normal. In fact, 99% of the time, a correctly functioning braking system shouldn’t make any noise at all.

If they start to screech or squeal, then the most common reasons this might occur includes:

  • You’ve hit the brakes hard: This might be a necessary move, such as something darts out into the road in front of you and you have to brake hard to avoid an accident. In this case, there’s no need to worry about the noise. But you should be aware that every time you do so, it causes excessive wear to the brake pads.
  • You’re carrying or hauling a heavy load: Increased load can cause brakes to screech. This is because the amount of force needed to slow the vehicle is much higher than normal. This causes friction and heat, and the noise is the result of this.
  • Something’s loose within the braking system: This could be any part of the brakes, such as the calipers, disc, or rotors. In some instances, this might be resolved by tightening the offending parts. Other fixes include cleaning, lubrication, or a replacement.
  • Worn brake pads: Brake pads are intended to wear over time. However, when they get too low it’s very common for the brakes to begin to screech. This is a signal that they need replacing imminently, both for safety reasons and to prevent damage to other elements of the brake system.
  • Corroded or rusted brake rotor: This part of the brakes commonly becomes rusted or coated in debris. It’s not necessarily a safety issue and, in many cases, can be removed by a good mechanic. 

When screeching means a visit to an auto brake repair service

If we look at the above scenarios,  it becomes apparent that there are multiple instances where it would be advisable to seek professional assistance for screeching brakes. Sure, if you’ve had to hit the brakes hard to come to a screeching stop to avoid that dog that just leaped out in front of you then it’s obviously not a mechanical problem. But for any of the other scenarios, it’s a wise move to head to a brake repair shop to get the system checked out.

Can it Wait or is it an Urgent Brake Repair Need?

  • Don’t leave it to chance: Screeching brakes warrant expert auto brake repair

Don’t leave it to chance: Screeching brakes warrant expert auto brake repair

Common sense will tell you that the braking system is one of the most important elements of your car. As we’ve already said, unless you’ve screeched to an emergency stop, any noise of your brakes warrants urgent attention.

We should also mention cars with an electronic braking system—something that many cars now feature. These will always need an expert to check out, no matter what the reason. The light on the dashboard will also be likely to alert you to an issue. The savvy motorist knows that this demands urgent attention and will book into an auto brake repair center as soon as possible. 

Searching for South Florida Brake Repair: Boca Raton-Based Autobahn Await Your Visit

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