What is the Best Ceramic Coating?

What is the Best Ceramic Coating? 

Ceramic coating is a term for an additional, ultra-thin, and ultra-hard layer on top of a vehicle’s factory paintwork that not only protects, but that also brings an unbeatable shine to the look of a vehicle, as well as numerous other advantages.

But which is the best? And why? Read on to discover everything you need to know about ceramic coating and the many benefits it brings.

Ceramic Coating 101

  • Ceramic coating: what is it?
  • Different types of ceramic coating
  • How to choose the best ceramic coating 

Ceramic coating: what is it?

Ceramic coating is the application of a thin layer of invisible coating to the exterior of a car.  The process uses nano-technology to create a super-hard exterior to the vehicle, meaning that it bonds like a second skin onto the surface of the car. Thus, the paintwork below becomes encased and protected from damage.

While it can be applied to specific areas of a vehicle, such as the bumper, color-coded element of wing mirrors, or the hood, it’s highly advantageous to have it applied to the whole vehicle.

The reasons for doing so are multiple and include:

  • Physical protection: Ceramic coating protects the paintwork below from many of the regular bumps, chips, and damage that occur through everyday driving. This means that the paintwork remains pristine, so increasing the value of the car, should you come to sell it at a later date.
  • Environmental protection: Ceramic coating helps prevent paint fade from UV rays, damage from acid rain, and any other paintwork degradation caused by environmental factors.
  • Cleaning: Ceramic coating makes a car easier to keep clean. Indeed, it can even mean that you don’t have to clean it as often. This is thanks to hydrophobic properties that repel water (and therefore dirt) from the surface of the vehicle. Once a ceramic coating is in place, you can wave goodbye to ever having to wax again…
  • Aesthetics: A ceramic coating adds a glossy sheen like nothing else. It works beautifully on all finishes—both matt and gloss look fabulous with a ceramic coating application.

Different types of ceramic coating

There are various manufacturers of ceramic coating. Some of the most popular include:

  • Ceramic Pro
  • Modesta
  • Nanolex
  • Ecophant

How to choose the best ceramic coating

Choosing the best ceramic coating to suit your expectations will take a little research on your behalf. Manufacturers all make great claims within their advertising blurb to tempt you, but nothing beats talking to a wholly independent expert. This is the only way that you can easily discover the positives and the negatives of the various ceramic coatings on offer.

Finding the Best Auto Ceramic Coating Near Me

  • Not all ceramic coating is made equal: don’t fall into the pricing trap

Not all ceramic coating is made equal: don’t fall into the pricing trap

Choosing the best ceramic coating can be a challenge. While price will undoubtedly be a consideration, it really shouldn’t be the driver into the one you choose. Of course, you don’t want to get ripped off. But you should be aware of the age-old saying, that “you get what you pay for”.

By far the best way to ensure that the ceramic coating you choose is all you hoped for is to go to a trusted provider. The finished article is wholly dependent on the expertise of the application. But before this is even relevant, you should know that the finished article is only as good as the preparation. Not only does the vehicle need to be cleaned to within an inch of its life beforehand, but the whole process also needs to be carried out in a near-sterile environment.  Only then will you end up with the touchably-gorgeous and glossy paintwork that does justice to the car of your dreams.

Contact Autobahn of Boca for Trusted Ceramic Coating Application

Boca Raton-based Autobahn of Boca has made quite a name for themselves as being the go-to car shop for the best German-engineered vehicles. BMW, Audi, Porsche, VW, and Mercedes owners are fast-discovering that their marque-specific technicians are the best in the business—not to mention the benefit of value-for-money that beats main dealers hands down.

But what might come as a surprise is that they also offer the ultimate in ceramic coating application. Who better to trust with your paintwork than the region’s leading prestige workshop? We’ll advise on the right type of ceramic coating to meet (exceed!) your expectations and carry out the work with the minimum of fuss, leaving you to simply enjoy the finished product.

Find out more at https://www.autobahnofboca.com/services/ceramic-coating-services

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