Visible Signs of Automotive Problems 

Visible Signs of Automotive Problems 

Problems with vehicles often start with a strange noise or alteration in how she drives, but there are also some visual signals that all is not well. The following looks at some of the obvious and not-so-obvious signs that you should seek expert help to put things right. 

Spotting Automotive Problems: a definitive guide

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Visual automotive problem 1 

Leaks are one of the greatest signs that all is not well with a vehicle. Any leak warrants an expert to determine exactly what it is, where the leak is coming from, and remedial action. The problem with leaks is that all the fluids within a vehicle can look similar when pooled on the ground.

Does that puddle consist of oil? Water? Transmission fluid? Gas…? These are just a selection of the fluids that are contained within the car’s engine and system. If you notice any fluid being out of place—AKA, leaking from the car—then you should seek professional advice ASAP.  

Visual automotive problem 2

A light on the vehicle dash is a clear sign of a problem. Today’s vehicles have many different warning signs—some of which are obvious to diagnose, with low tire pressure being a prime example.

However, today’s vehicles have complex computerized systems that often simply light up a hazard warning on the dash. This requires the vehicle to be plugged into a diagnostic system to determine the problem. This can only be done by a professional garage with the relevant equipment. 

Visual automotive problem 3

Excessive exhaust fumes are problematic. This isn’t the harmless white vapor that you might see for a minute or two when first starting a car. We’re talking about gray, black, or blue smoke that’s emitted from the tailpipe. This can be a sign of an oil leak or something else entirely. Again, the problem will need to be diagnosed by an expert. 

Visual automotive problem 4

A shaking steering wheel—although this might be something that you feel before you can visualize it—is clearly something that needs to be addressed. Severe vibrations anywhere in a car that you can see will usually mean that the car is unsafe to drive. Therefore, if you see this, contact a garage as soon as possible.

Visual automotive problem 5

Uneven tire wear is a sure sign of a tracking, suspension, or other problem. This is likely to be noticed when you carry out your weekly vehicle and tire checks. (What do you mean you don’t do this? A simple quick overview of your car’s health is by far the best way to spot any problems early, ensure that your car is safe to drive, and save on future maintenance costs).

Uneven wear on tires is typically down to the tracking being out. This can easily happen if you hit a bump, pothole, or curb. However, it can also be a sign of a more serious issue, such as a suspension problem.

The Simple Solution to Automotive Problems

  • Seek expert advice

Seek expert advice

If you notice any visual issue with your vehicle, you should seek professional advice. While it might be tempting to put this off to save money, in all likelihood it will end up costing you more in the long run. Vehicle problems don’t go away, they only get worse. A failure to correct them at the earliest stage can lead to irreversible damage and, perhaps, cause harm to other elements of the car. It can also mean that your car doesn’t run at the optimal level or is even unsafe to drive. 

Autobahn of Boca is the Go-To Expert for all Automotive Problems

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