Vehicle Electrical Maintenance

Vehicle Electrical Maintenance

The electrical health of your vehicle is directly connected to the mechanical performance. Today’s cars are sophisticated pieces of machinery that take instructions from various advanced software elements. These provide the necessary signals to ensure that areas, such as ABS, lane warning systems, collision prevention, climate control, auto windshield wipers, and more all work as expected. 

This makes regular electrical maintenance crucial to the optimal running of a vehicle. In addition, should a fault occur, then locating and fixing it is definitely a job best left to the professionals.

Electrical Maintenance is Key for the Ultimate Performance


  • What are the electrics responsible for? 


What are the electrics responsible for?


The electrics are what allow the many advanced systems within a car to function. We’ve become accustomed to many of these over the years, but as technology surges forward, we’re already appreciating some cutting-edge driving delights in luxury new vehicles. 


All of the following rely on fully-functioning vehicle electrics:


  • Fuel and emissions systems: Sensors within the fuel system automatically adjust as necessary, depending on how the car is being driven.
  • Driver assistance systems: These include forward collision warning and avoidance, blind-spot alerts, cross-traffic alerts, adaptive cruise control, reverse brake assist, lane-keep assist, emergency braking, and more.
  • Full 360o Camera: Embedded cameras on each side of the car gives you an all-round view of every aspect of the vehicle.
  • Mobile apps & digital key connectivity: Many new vehicles allow you to download an app to your cell that allows you to carry out many functions. This includes remotely unlocking and unlocking the doors, remote starting, maintenance features, etc.
  • Younger driver technology: A great feature that allows parents/caregivers to configure certain aspects of how a car is driven. Maximum speeds, mandatory traction control, maximum volume for audio, low fuel warnings… All of these serve to provide a responsible adult with security when their youngster is out and about on the roads.
  • Wireless connectivity and phone charging: With our cells becoming a can’t-do-without tool that we use 24/7, it makes sense that you can charge and connect it to your phone without a hard wire.
  • Climate control: Sensors within the electrical system ensure that we ride in an ambient environment at all times.
  • Vehicle comfort: Such as electric/automatic seat adjustments, heated seats, changing the suspension depending on the driving surface, and even massaging seats to keep you comfortable on long journeys.

What Happens During Electrical Maintenance?


  • Electrical maintenance during a regular service
  • How do technicians locate an electrical fault?


Electrical maintenance during a regular service


All the electrical systems of a vehicle are assessed for function during a regular service. Car maintenance is no longer purely mechanical, it requires a vehicle technician that’s trained in a particular marque to be able to provide the best level of service for a car.


How do technicians locate an electrical fault?


All modern cars have an engine management system (EMS) that receives data from the various sensors within the vehicle. There are hundreds of these, and the first step of a service is to plug into the EMS to download all the info that’s constantly being collected.


From here, any electrical fault can be defined, the necessary part or sensor ordered, and the problem rectified.


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Autobahn prides itself in the provision of the very best electrical and mechanical maintenance needs for the discerning car owners of South Florida. Conveniently located in Boca Raton, our leading service model ensures the ultimate maintenance and repair services for all makes of car—and we specialize in the luxury market of European vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and BMW.


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