Top Five Tips for Maintaining a Mercedes

The love affair Mercedes owners have with their cars is well-founded, with precision German engineering bringing the ultimate in motoring pleasure. Such expertise deserves the very best care and maintenance to ensure your pride and joy looks and runs to perfection—every time you get behind the wheel.

While servicing and repairs should always be carried out by an experienced professional, there are many aspects every Mercedes owner must do to keep the car in tip-top condition.

Check out these top five tips for maintaining a Mercedes.

Five Mercedes Maintenance Tips

·      Maintaining a Mercedes: the engine

·      Maintaining a Mercedes: the exterior

·      Maintaining a Mercedes: the interior

·      Maintaining a Mercedes: tires and wheels

·      Maintaining a Mercedes: a seasonal approach

Maintaining a Mercedes: the engine

Depending on your ability, some of the necessary engine maintenance tasks might be something you can turn your hand to at home. These include changing the oil and filters (fuel, oil, air) regularly. Many people won’t have the skills to do this, which is why regular professional servicing is so important.

However, no matter what level of mechanical ability you have, you should be sure to carry out the following:

·      Check fluid levels: Oil, water, transmission fluid, windscreen washer, etc.

·      Check integrity of hoses: Spongy or fat-looking hoses should be investigated by an experienced service provider, as this could be an indication of a fluid leak.

·      Battery checks: Check the terminals are clear of corrosion. Batteries should be changed approximately every five years.

·      Look for evidence of leaks: Oil spattered over the engine or the underside of the hood would indicate a leak that requires immediate professional attention. You should also check the ground beneath the car when it’s been parked for a while for evidence of oil or excessive water drips.

·      Top up coolant levels: Check them regularly and top up when necessary.

Maintaining a Mercedes: the exterior

The most obvious point is to keep the paintwork clean, removing corrosive substances, such as bird strikes, as soon as possible. Other general exterior maintenance tasks include:

·      Check all the lights are in working order: This should be done once a week—blinkers, headlights (dipped and full beam), tail lifts, brake lights, and sidelights.

·      Check the wipers: And replace if they’re worn. Wipe them regularly to remove any grease build-up.

·      Apply wax: This helps protect the paintwork from UV rays and the elements and reduces color fade

·      Keep under cover: If possible, keep the car out of direct sunlight.

Maintaining a Mercedes: the interior

Regular cleaning and vacuuming of the interior will keep it in good condition, and removing grit and dirt helps prevent premature wear. Be sure to clean the mats, wipe down the surfaces, and apply quality interior polish designed for the task.

Maintaining a Mercedes: tires and wheels

Tires are a crucial element of car safety and you should check the pressure and integrity of them regularly. Make sure they’re not over or under-inflated as this reduces the car’s grip on the road and causes uneven wear.

Keep the wheels clean, removing corrosive brake dust regularly. You can apply specialist wheel products to help repel water and dirt, but be sure to only use those of good quality.

Maintaining a Mercedes: a seasonal approach

Depending on where you live, it might be necessary to carry out various summer or winter-related tasks. This could include tire changes if you live in a location where you get excessive snow, or making provision to keep your car out of the sun should you live in hot climes. Wherever you live, getting a regular air-con/climate control service will make sure this works at an optimal level at times of the year.

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