The Unlikely History of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

The Unlikely History of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van 

The Mercedes Sprinter van is found in virtually every country and in multiple guises. From business workhorse to luxury camper, the Sprinter has given its name to a whole new class of van.

Originating in 1869, the story of the humble Sprinter from ‘combination delivery vehicle’ to the all-singing, all-dancing model we know today. Its evolution is certainly a testimony to the brilliance of German engineering.

Read on to discover exactly how Mercedes-Benz changed the face of van technology in a way that no other manufacturer has ever managed to replicate.

Mercedes Sprinter Van: Centuries in the making

  • From 19th century commercial vehicle to the Mercedes Sprinter Van we’ve fallen in love with
  • The four Mercedes Sprinter Van models

From 19th century commercial vehicle to the Mercedes Sprinter Van we’ve fallen in love with 

A brief overview of the evolution of the Sprinter is as follows:

  • 1896: Carl Benz builds the first motorized commercial van. It was known as the Combination Delivery Vehicle and had a payload of 660 pounds.
  • 1929: The Mercedes-Benz L1000 Express hit the market. It had a significantly higher weight-carrying capacity, of 1.1 tons.
  • 1956: Mercedes revolutionized the van market with a completely new layout. With the L 319, the engine was moved to the front of the van and the driver’s seat moved closer to the cab.
  • 1967: Construction companies embraced the new L 406D, thanks to its light weight and load carrying capacity comparing favorably with more difficult-to-maneuver delivery trucks.
  • 1977: The Bremer Transporter, or Transporter New (TN) was the first metamorphosis into something closer resembling the Sprinter that we know and love today.
  • 1986: The TN evolved into a larger alternative. Known as the T2, it had a payload of between 2.4 to 4.6 tons.
  • 1995: The Sprinter was born. With independent front suspension, rear-wheel drive, and comfort, the van was an instant success.
  • 2006: The second generation of Sprinters was born, with the ability to customize being the first of its kind in a van of this capacity. It boasted a choice of two ceiling heights, three lengths, and two weight classes.
  • 2018: The third generation came to market, this time with front-wheel drive.

The four Mercedes Sprinter Van models

Today, there are four different Sprinter models on the market. These are: 

  • The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo
  • The Mercedes Sprinter Crew
  • The Mercedes Sprinter Passenger
  • The Mercedes Sprinter Cab Chassis

These are high-spec, high-payload vehicles that have been embraced for a wide variety of different uses. Some travel the world as luxury camper vans. Others transport sick patients for ambulance services. Yet more are holding rooms for police officers when they arrest wrongdoers and, of course, a great many are tried and trusted workhorses for a huge variety of businesses.

The Sprinter has come a long way from its humble beginnings. With advantages, including brake assist, touchscreens, advanced passenger safety systems, 360-degree cameras, etc., owning and driving a Mercedes Sprinter is to be a member of an exclusive club. With the combination of performance and luxury they offer, it’s no wonder that the Sprinter has become one of the world’s favorite vans.

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