Telematics and Your Vehicle

Telematics and Your Vehicle 

Telematics, when talking about the automotive industry, is where a vehicle’s onboard communication applications communicate with a source through GPS receivers and devices – such as with vehicle trackers. Many companies are embracing this technology for fleet logistics. It’s also something that private vehicle owners take advantage of, especially those who have high value and/or prestigious cars or vans that they would want to be tracked should a theft take place.

The following is a guide to how telematics work, possible future advances, and the importance of regular system maintenance.

All About Vehicle Telematics

  • How telematics work
  • The many benefits of telematics
  • What can we expect in the future? 

How telematics work

In the simplest of terms, a telematics device fitted to a vehicle transmits the location to a central server. This means the vehicle is tracked at all times. The information is sent via a wireless network, through either GPRS or GPS.

This flow of information is updated in real-time and is managed by the chosen telematics provider. This is then accessed through a smart device or computer. For private users, this might be handily located on your cell or tablet. Companies are likely to access this via the fleet management computer program.

The many benefits of telematics

The advantages of telematics are numerous. From the obvious—such as tracking a vehicle should it be stolen—to hidden benefits that can drive down many costs of vehicle ownership and maintenance. 

These include:

  • Maintenance: Today’s telematics communicates directly with the diagnostics of the individual vehicle. This means they monitor all the vehicle running data, including engine load, fuel consumption, coolant levels, and more. In turn, this makes it simple to identify any faults before they become an issue, therefore reducing potential maintenance costs.
  • Monitoring driving habits: Whether it’s your own or that of a fleet of company drivers, understanding driver habits goes a long way to putting action in place should there be any unwanted habits. Excessive braking or acceleration not only increases fuel consumption and vehicle parts, such as brake pads and discs, but also increases the risk of an accident. Installing telematics is something many insurance providers now insist on to further understand risk and adjust premiums accordingly. For younger drivers, having this facility in the vehicle can represent substantial reductions in their premiums.
  • Money-saving:  For fleet managers, being able to see the route their drivers are taking in real-time and advising them on traffic conditions and necessary diversions can improve the efficiency of services offered and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Full visibility: Companies know the whereabouts of their vehicles at all times—ideal for those who need to work out logistics, such as taxi companies and emergency services.

What can we expect in the future? 

Telematics already offers excellent insights into vehicle location and driver tracking. The future is set to become even more exciting. As faster 4G networks are connected and the imminent rollout of 5G becomes reality, these connected platforms will become even more efficient. For businesses, a telematic system might seamlessly connect with other areas of the organization. Examples include transport management systems, driver training, and even payroll applications. 

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At Autobahn of Boca, we know a thing or two about the most advanced telematics systems that are regularly used in some of the most luxurious cars on the planet. Thanks to our technicians’ marque-specific expertise we can advise, fit, and service the latest devices to any prestige vehicle, including Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, and Porsche. 

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