South Florida Porsche Specialist

South Florida Porsche Specialist 

So, you own (or are thinking of buying) a Porsche? Welcome to a very exclusive club… The sheer thrill of slipping behind the wheel of this finely tuned marvel of machinery is surely one of the best feelings in the world! Naturally, you want to ensure that your ride benefits from the very best maintenance.


But where on earth do you find true German engine and vehicle expertise in the middle of the Sunshine State?


The answer is… By doing your research. While many will profess to have the necessary know-how, it takes a very special provider indeed to bring the knowledge of how to best work on one of Europe’s most sought-after car marques.


Read on to discover how to seek out a trusted vehicle maintenance partner where you never have to worry that your ride’s not getting the ultimate Porsche treatment.


The Porsche: A Miracle of Modern Engineering


  • What makes a Porsche so special?
  • What to look for in a South Florida Porsche Specialist


What makes a Porsche so special?


Well, where do we start? The Porsche is considered by many experts to be the greatest sports car ever made. Why is that? Well, let’s take a look at 5 reasons to fall in love with this iconic ride…


  1. They combine performance with everyday use: Sure, you can pick up a Lambo or similar that also has the handling and speed you crave, but you don’t exactly get any comfort to go with it. Porsche engineering has mastered the complexities of both awesome performance with practicalities, making it a pleasure to drive in all situations.
  2. From day 1 they were built for competition: Porsche competes with Ferrari for the ultimate racing bragging rights. There’s no difference between Porsches on the road and those on the track. Why is that so important? Because all that track handling knowledge filters through to the awesome drive you experience when you cruise through the city or down the freeway.
  3. They. Look. Amazing! Without a doubt, one of the sexiest vehicles on the road today. And their individual looks mean they’ll never be mistaken for anything but a Porsche (unlike many other marques we could mention).
  4. They hold their value: In contrast to many of their competitors, even older Porsches have an excellent resale value.
  5. They’ve always had the latest tech: Meaning that even if you drive a vintage model, you’ll be surrounded by the most advanced gadgets of the era. Today’s models are sheer marvels of engineering, with many extras coming as standard and not as an up-spec.


What to look for in a South Florida Porsche Specialist?


OK, so we’ve waxed lyrical about the virtues of the Porsche. However, in all seriousness, you should only allow those who know and understand the marque to carry out any maintenance or repair work on your baby.


Questions to ask a potential car shop include:


  • Have your engineers undertaken Porsche-specific training? (The answer should be a resounding “yes”.)
  • How many Porsches do you regularly work on each year? (You want to hear something along the lines of, “many, many of them”—including all models and ages)
  • Do you use Porsche-approved parts for replacements? (Naturally, the answer should be affirmative)


If any of the answers aren’t up to scratch, then it’s time to look elsewhere.


Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best. Autobahn of Boca is the Leading South Florida Porsche Specialist


Autobahn is fast becoming the go-to provider for Porsche and German luxury car owners in South Florida. The reasons for this are many, including our marque-trained technicians, impeccable customer service, and our truly value-for-money prices. Because we’re independent, we’re not beholden to dealer pricing models, meaning we can pass the savings onto you.


Get to know us at and give us a call today for a no-obligation chat. We can’t wait to hear from you…

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