Signs That Your Car Needs A Suspension Service 

Signs That Your Car Needs A Suspension Service 

Most people think that a car’s suspension is what causes the vehicle to provide a smooth ride. While this is, indeed, true, it’s certainly not the only role that it plays. A car is a dynamic system—with the health of one part being dependent on all the other areas functioning correctly. The suspension is the building block upon which everything else relies on. 

This means a problem with the suspension can directly affect the rest of the car. Importantly, it can cause important safety issues if everything isn’t in order. 

The following discusses 5 of the most common signs that your suspension needs a professional service.

5 Signs that your Car Suspension Requires some TLC


  • Car suspension fault 1: a rough ride
  • Car suspension fault 2: car sitting too low
  • Car suspension fault 3: pulling or drifting to one side
  • Car suspension fault 4: oily shock absorbers
  • Car suspension fault 5: reduced handling

Car suspension fault 1: a rough ride

A car’s suspension is designed to iron out the roughness of the surface it’s driving on. If you can suddenly feel every bump in the road, every tiny pothole, and each stone you drive over, then it’s time for a look at the suspension.

Common causes are worn out shock absorbers—a simple fix but one that’s necessary to bring back a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride.

Car suspension fault 2: car sitting too low 

Cars rely on springs as part of the suspension. These are subject to wear and tear, meaning that as they degrade the car can appear to sit too low when parked. You might also notice a ‘clunking’ sound when traversing corners or going over a bump. 

This issue should be quickly rectified. If not, extra pressure will be put on the shock absorbers that will eventually need to be replaced as well. 

Car suspension fault 3: pulling or drifting to one side

This is a slightly less obvious suspension issue as many other things can cause the problem. The most obvious is tracking that’s out of alignment, poor tire pressure, or a failure to regularly rotate tires. However, if fixing these doesn’t rectify the issue then it’s likely that faulty suspension is the cause.

This could be a damaged or broken spring, control arm, or rod—all of which are potential safety issues. Such a problem warrants an immediate suspension check by a qualified professional.

Car suspension fault 4: oily shocks

Grease or oil around the shock absorbers is a key sign that there’s a suspension issue. If the suspension fluid is leaking, then the whole system can’t perform properly. You can easily check this by getting down under the car and looking at the shock absorbers and associated struts. Again, this problem requires urgent expert attention.


Car suspension fault 5: reduced handling


If the car suddenly becomes difficult to handle—and especially at slower speeds—this could signify a suspension problem. The steering and suspension are directly linked, hence reduced handling being a key sign of an issue. 


Of course, there are other reasons handling can be reduced, such as the steering system or the tires. If you can rule these out, then the next obvious cause is that of the suspension.


Suspension Worries? Contact Autobahn of Boca Today


The safety of you, your passengers, and other road users is of paramount importance. That’s why it’s essential to get your vehicle checked immediately if you think there might be a problem with the suspension. At Autobahn of Boca, our marque-trained technicians are experts in the care of luxury vehicles, including VW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW.


Of course, a suspension check is carried out with every service. But if you’re worried at any time, you can rest assured that we’ll determine any issue and put it right for you. After all, you don’t purchase a prestige car for it not to give you the smoothest of rides…


Head over to to find out more and get in touch today to book your suspension service.

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