Don't Be Afraid To Ask Your Auto Repair Technician Questions

Questions You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Ask Your Auto Repair Technician 

While most auto technicians are ethical and trustworthy, sadly there are a few out there who give the industry a bad name. Asking a few pertinent questions will help you weed out those bad eggs—and no decent tech will ever be insulted if you ask them.

Read on to discover 10 car repair and service questions to ask your auto mechanic

10 Auto Repair Technician Questions 

  • Ask the technician: questions for your auto mechanic

Ask the technician: questions for your auto mechanic

Building trust between mechanic and car owner takes time. Underpinning that confidence is knowing that you understand what needs doing to your vehicle, why the work should be carried out, how it’s going to be done, and, naturally, the cost.

Asking some or all of the following 10 questions will help clarify these.

  1. What’s the issue with the car? The reply should be in layman’s terms with no confusing jargon. Of course, the mechanic might not be able to answer this straight away. Depending on the problem, diagnostics are often necessary and sometimes lengthy. This leads us neatly onto question number 2...
  2. How long will the diagnosis take? What will it cost? Today’s cars contain complex computer systems. This means that sometimes it can be quick to diagnose a problem but others can be more problematic, taking some in-depth deduction on the part of the auto technician. Electrical faults are one such example. It’s important to know if this is going to impact the cost of the work and, if so, by how much?
  3. Does the work need to be carried out straight away? In many cases, identified problems aren’t time-critical. For example, worn tires or brake pads might still have a few thousand miles left before they need to be replaced. Knowing that you have a few more weeks/thousand miles allows you to budget for upcoming maintenance.
  4. How long will the work take? It’s important to agree on a time frame for the work to be carried out. That way you can arrange any alternative transport and the mechanic knows when he needs to have the car ready for you to collect.
  5. Can you show me the problem? No technician should ever be reluctant to show you the fault. If they are, then it’s time to find a new auto repair supplier.
  6. Do you provide a quote (in writing) and a detailed receipt? The answer to this should be a resounding yes!
  7. What parts will be used? Are they OEM parts (the ideal), aftermarket, refurbished, or used? OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and, especially in the case of luxury vehicles, this would be the appropriate type to use. Conversely, some vintage or specialist vehicles might require refurbished, used, or even custom-made parts if they’re no longer available.
  8. Are you experienced working on my make/model? This is certainly relevant, as each has its quirks and is the reason that luxury marques, such as BMW and Mercedes train auto mechanics to work specifically on their vehicles. Those with high-end, specialist, or vintage cars should be sure to ask this question.
  9. How are you going to/did you fix the issue? Great auto technicians will be delighted to answer this: in fact, you might have trouble getting them to stop! This is a really good way to build a trusting relationship and also to learn a little about your vehicle.
  10. What warranty do I get with the work? There would be very few times that a warranty wasn’t appropriate. However, there’s a world of difference between warranties offered, so be sure to check this before you agree to the work being carried out.

At Autobahn of Boca We Welcome Questions. Get in Contact Today 

When it comes to clear, concise, trustworthy auto repairs, our highly qualified auto mechanics aren’t only happy to answer your questions, they actively encourage them. When customers fully understand the work that needs to be done, the parts used, and the pricing behind the work, we build up a trusted relationship that benefits both parties.

Add in an exemplary standard of workmanship—not to mention service with a smile—and it’s a win-win situation all round. 

Find out why Autobahn is the car repair shop of choice for the savvy Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, and VW owner by visiting and give our friendly team a call to discuss your requirements.

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