Preserving Your Engine 

Preserving Your Engine 

The engine is the lifeblood of any vehicle. The clever combination of power (gas, diesel, or electric) and components is what provides motion, meaning that without it you’ll be—well, going nowhere!

So, preserving this essential element of a car should be given your fullest attention.

The following details the easy ways any vehicle owner can ensure that the engine of their ride runs at an optimal level for the longest time possible. 

3 Easy Steps to Engine Preservation

  • Preserve your engine: step 1
  • Preserve your engine: step 2
  • Preserve your engine: step 3 

Preserve your engine: step 1

A car engine, much in the same way as any piece of technology, requires regular TLC to keep it running as it should. The first element of this is self-care. In other words, put aside 15 minutes each week to cast your eye over various engine elements. This should include:

  • Checking all the fluid levels: Water, engine coolant, windshield washer, oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluids, etc. 
  • Check for physical abnormalities: Are there any leaks from the engine compartment? Can you see evidence of oil contamination anywhere under the hood? Is there any corrosion on the battery terminals?
  • Other weekly checks: While not strictly engine-related, you should also check tires for wear and correct pressure, windshield wipers, and all the external lights of the vehicle.

Preserve your engine: step 2

Regular service intervals are crucial to preserve engine quality and longevity. A trusted technician will become your best friend. Not only should they be qualified to work on your car’s marque, but they should also provide a quality, reasonably priced, and customer-service orientated resource. 

A good car shop/garage will provide the following:

  • A service price before the work is undertaken
  • Contacting you before carrying out any remedial work and providing an accurate cost
  • Marque-specific trained mechanics
  • The option of a courtesy vehicle
  • Text/email/written reminders for when servicing is due
  • Courteous service 

Preserve your engine: step 3 

Step 3 might come as a bit of a surprise, but one of the optimal ways to preserve your engine is to drive in a particular manner. Sure, you probably want to drive to the car’s max performance—after all, that’s what it’s designed for… However, there are a lot of common driving habits that many drivers don’t realize are shortening the lifespan of their vehicle/engine. 

These include: 

  • Excessive harsh acceleration and braking
  • Letting your car idle for excessively long periods
  • Driving hard before the engine has sufficiently warmed
  • Only ever doing very short drives 

All of these are easily addressed by making small changes in your driving habits. For example, if you only use the vehicle to drop the kids at school or drive a mile or so to work, try to take the vehicle on a longer journey once every month or couple of weeks. 

Don’t hammer your car for the first 5 minutes after turning it on. This puts the engine under unnecessary strain that, over time, causes excessive damage. When it comes to harsh acceleration and braking, this can easily be avoided by raising your field of vision and looking further ahead along the road. Don’t accelerate into a hazard that means you need to brake hard. For example, there’s a queue of traffic at the junction in front of you. Use engine braking to slow, rather than slamming down on the pedal and squealing to a stop. 

Such good driving habits not only make for a more comfortable ride (for you and your passengers) but are kinder to the engine and therefore extend its useful lifespan. 

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