How Does Porsche Sport Exhaust Work?

 Porsche cars come with a multitude of extras, of which Porsche Sport Exhaust is one.  Often abbreviated to PSE, it comes at a price—that of a few thousand dollars depending on the make and model. But how does it work and is it worth it?

The following sheds some light on this much-sought-after added extra…

Porsche Sport Exhaust: an easy to understand guide

·      What is Porsche Sport Exhaust?

·      How does it work?

What is Porsche Sport Exhaust?

In a nutshell, Porsche Sport Exhaust is a function that varies the sound emitted from the tailpipe depending on the current speed and engine load. In other words, PSE creates that to-die-for roar when you hit the gas…

How does it work?

The system is controlled by a small flap on the main silencer that opens and closes in response to signals from the engine’s electronic control system. These modified rear silencers are fitted into a unique design that boasts a high gloss tailpipes, either in silver or black. 

PSE is activated at the touch of a button on the dashboard and will respond depending on your driving habits. This ranges from a sexy hum when driving under normal road conditions to a throaty growl or roar when braking or accelerating.

Do I Need Porsche Sport Exhaust?

·      Porsche Sport Exhaust: the benefits

·      Is PSE worth the cost?

Porsche Sport Exhaust: the benefits

Porsche Sport Exhaust is, quite simply, an option that creates those wonderful engine rumbles, gargles, and pops during deceleration that guarantees heads turn wherever you drive. But it’s not just the sound, there are also some visual differences on models that have the Sport Exhaust system fitted.

-       Standard 911 Carreras have oval exhaust tailpipes

-       PSE on the Carrera and Carrera S has dual tips for each side

The driver decides as and when to activate the system, with a button decorated with a graphic that resembles two outward-pointing barrels. It certainly paints the aggressive picture of the robust sound it creates. The sound is one of the loudest available in a prestige sports car. It can also be automatically opened when Sport’s Mode is activated.

Is PSE worth the cost?

Porsche Sport Exhaust isn’t cheap, coming in at somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000 depending on the make and model of the individual vehicle. While this might seem expensive, when it’s compared with other optional extras Porsche buyers may well consider that it is a worthy cost.

One other aspect you need to know is how the Porsche Sports Exhaust alters the look of the vehicle. This is because of the different configuration of the tailpipes. Whether or not you prefer this look is down to personal choice. Some say that models without PSE appear wider than those with. Again, this is something that’s down to your visualization.

In short, the addition of Porsche Sport Exhaust is a sought-after extra for many owners. The cost is significant, but many consider it’s worth the price. The system itself is relatively simple but very effective. For owners of a prestigious sports car, PSE is likely to be a much-loved extra fitted to any of the high-end models.

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