Oh! Now You Need To Replace Your Battery

Oh! Now You Need To Replace Your Battery

There’s no sound a car driver hates more than an engine lazily turning over a couple of times before reducing to that tell-tale ‘click’ that signals a flat battery. While in some cases a quick jump start or battery recharge is all it needs to sort the problem, in many cases it’s an ominous sign that the power source of your car is on its way out.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about car batteries, from health to maintenance, through to replacement, and top tips that extend longevity. 

Battery 101: All you need to know

  • Battery health
  • Battery maintenance
  • Tips for a long-lasting battery
  • When to replace a car battery 

Battery health

Car batteries have a finite lifespan. The AAA suggests that the average life is between 3-5 years. Some do, of course, go on a little longer, but for trouble-free motoring, it’s suggested that the battery is changed regularly throughout a car’s lifespan.

Many things can cause a car battery to have reduced longevity, such as the climate in which you live and the usage of the vehicle. But much as happens with the battery in a computer or your cell phone, all car batteries degrade over time. 

Battery maintenance

Thankfully, modern batteries don’t really require any maintenance—gone are the days when you needed to top them up with water. Today’s come as a sealed unit and don’t need you to do anything to them. 

Tips for a long-lasting battery

While a battery doesn’t require any active maintenance, there are still many things that you can do to ensure the longest healthy lifespan. These include:

  • Mix up short journeys with longer ones: Constant short trips are one of the prime causes of battery degradation. This is because the drive might not be enough to fully recharge the power that’s drained from it when starting the car.
  • Don’t leave a car parked up for extended periods: If a battery isn’t used for a long time, it will naturally discharge. If you have to leave your car for an extended period you can prevent this from happening by attaching a maintenance charger that will drip feed power, so keeping it topped up.
  • Vibration degrades batteries: If the battery isn’t firmly held in place, it will vibrate when the car is driven. This can significantly shorten battery life.
  • Hot weather: In hotter regions of the country, such as Florida, batteries commonly have a short life than those in cooler areas. This is because heat accelerates the degradation process. It’s a hot environment under a car hood, so add in an extreme ambient temperature and you can easily exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Many car manufacturers provide heat-resistant battery housing or even locate the unit somewhere other than within the engine compartment. 

When to replace a car battery 

Each time your car is serviced, this should include a battery test to determine if it’s approaching the end of its useful life. Other signs that it needs changing include:

  • A battery light showing on the dash
  • The engine is labored when it turns over on starting
  • The headlights appear dim—especially when the engine is idling
  • The battery is more than three years old. While this might not necessarily mean it warrants a new one, it should undergo an annual inspection 

Another top tip is that when you do purchase a new battery, it should be from a high-volume retailer. This is because batteries naturally degrade from new. So, if you buy one that’s been sitting on the shelf for a year or so, then it’s already eaten up part of its useful life.

Battery Problems? You Need Autobahn of Boca

Replacing a car battery is as easy as 1-2-3 when you rely on Boca Raton’s favorite car shop—Autobahn of Boca. Simply call up with your car details, arrange a convenient time to visit, drive in and we’ll fit your battery in super-quick time. We’ll even give your car a quick health check as well, to ensure you don’t have any other issues simmering in the background.

Car won’t start? No problem… We can arrange for your car to be picked up and brought to our premises. This professional and personal service is just one of the reasons that local residents know and trust Autobahn for the care of their luxury cars, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, & VW.

Visit https://www.autobahnofboca.com today and get in touch to find out more.

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