It’s Time for a Check Up

It’s Time for a Check Up

Vehicles are only as reliable as the TLC we provide them with. This doesn’t just mean following the manufacturer’s advised servicing plan, it also means being proactive should you notice any issues with how your car performs.


Today’s vehicles are marvels of modern technology. Every aspect of performance depends on the coexisting good health of the rest of the mechanical and physical aspects of the car. When something goes a bit awry, it can have a knock-on effect on other elements. Ignoring a problem—even if it’s minor—can often end up with a far heftier repair bill than getting it sorted at the earliest opportunity.


If you notice any difference in your car’s performance or day-to-day performance, then an expert check-up is the key to great car health (plus it’ll likely save you many precious dollars in the long run).


Vehicle Maintenance: From regular servicing to unexpected issues 


  • Vehicle maintenance: the importance of a regular service schedule
  • Vehicle maintenance: addressing performance and running issues


Vehicle maintenance: the importance of a regular service schedule


A car is a dynamic system that requires regular tuning to ensure optimal performance. The day-to-day use of our vehicles causes tiny occurrences that—over time—reduce the performance. We’re all guilty of habits that do this, from leaving a vehicle running idling for too long through to overly harsh acceleration and braking.


In isolation, such things don’t cause any harm. After all, performance vehicles are meant to perform, right? But without the regular tweaks and component replacements that are done during a regular service, that performance that you love so much about your car will become gradually less impressive.


Regular servicing not only carries out necessary maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, but the technician will also be checking for wear and tear throughout the vehicle. The braking system, shock absorbers, suspension, and more will all need work over time. A regular service ensures that any potential issues are monitored and repaired/replaced before they become a problem.


Vehicle maintenance: addressing performance and running issues


The other time a vehicle check up is needed is when you notice an issue. This could relate to any area of the car—from performance to an odd sound that shouldn’t be there. Some of the most common include:


  • A warning light on the dash: This means a sensor within the vehicle has recorded an issue. As there are hundreds of different codes, it’s essential to take this to an expert car shop that can diagnose and fix the fault.
  • Starting issues: A car should start immediately when you hit the ignition. Sluggish starting or needing to turn the key/hit the button more than once is a sure sign there’s a problem brewing.
  • A sputtering engine: This is a common symptom of a faulty fuel and ignition system, meaning the air and fuel mix isn’t correct.
  • Noisy brakes: Various components make up a braking system. When one or some become excessively worn, you might hear a grinding or squealing sound.
  • Transmission failures: This can affect both stick shift and automatic gearboxes. If the gear changes become less smooth, then this is a likely cause.


The key to great car maintenance is to stick to the regular service intervals as advised by the manufacturer, as well as seeking timely help should you notice an issue any time in between. That way, you’ll be sure to get the problem fixed at the earliest opportunity, rather than facing a more expensive bill further down the line. 


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