The Importance of Preventive Car Maintenance

 Every car owner has experienced that stomach-churning moment when your car lets you down. Whether it’s that the car fails to start, has a flat battery, puncture, tire blow out, unexpected noise, or a full-on unexpected breakdown, it’s never a good day when your car decides to play up. 

The most effective method by which to dramatically reduce the risk of any malfunction is through preventative car maintenance. This combines both professional servicing and regular vehicle checks that should be carried out on a monthly or weekly basis.

Still not convinced? Read on to discover why a failure to carry out these essential tasks not only causes inconvenience, but can be extremely costly—both to your pocket, and potentially to the safety of you, your passengers, and other road users.

Preventative Car Maintenance: The benefits

·      Safety

·      Increased mileage

·      Saves money

·      Reduces the risk of breakdown

·      Provides peace of mind


Preventative maintenance massively reduces the chance that your car might malfunction when being driven. Brake failure, steering problems, blowouts, or a breakdown on a busy highway not only endangers you and the car’s occupants but also other road users and pedestrians.

Increased mileage

We all want our buck to work as hard as possible, and a well-tuned vehicle ensures the best fuel economy. Preventative maintenance that impacts the mileage capacity of the car includes regular oil and filter changes, correctly inflated tires, and regular tire rotation. Fuel efficiency can give as much as three miles per gallon extra over a car that’s poorly maintained.

Saves money

While it costs money each time your car is serviced by a professional, this is likely to be a drop in the ocean compared to replacing expensive parts that require an emergency repair. Motoring costs can be reduced by thousands of dollars over the vehicle’s lifetime, simply by carrying out good preventative care maintenance.

Reduces the risk of breakdown

A breakdown is hugely inconvenient, not to mention can leave you stranded in an unfamiliar location. Even if you’re at home when the car fails to start this can cause immense disruption to your day. Sure, you may have breakdown recovery. But waiting for a tow truck to arrive is never how you want to spend your time. A good preventative car maintenance routine greatly lowers the risk of this unfortunate event becoming reality

Provides peace of mind

The peace of mind you get by knowing your vehicle is safe is priceless. You and your family are precious, so you can relax every time you strap the kids into their safety seats when you know your car is well-maintained. Add in the confidence that when you hit the ignition your vehicle works as expected and volila! The resulting reduction in worry is truly an effective stress-buster.

Preventative Car Maintenance 101

·      Every time you drive

·      Weekly/monthly checks

·      Professional servicing

Every time you drive

Every time you get in your car you should be aware of any strange noises or other odd sensations, such as juddering, unexpected odors, pulling to one side, etc. Before you get into the car, cast a quick eye around the exterior to check for flat or soft tires, and any damage to lights or bodywork. Even if it’s not raining, give the windscreen wipers a quick blast to check they’re working properly.

If you become aware of an issue this should be addressed as soon as possible

Weekly/monthly checks

Carrying out the following is also an essential part of preventative car maintenance:

·      Tire checks

·      Oil level checks

·      Light and turn signal checks

·      Fluid level checks

·      Car cleaning

Professional servicing

Any mechanic will tell you that by far the most important aspect of preventative car maintenance is regular servicing. That way any worn parts will be spotted, and either monitored or replaced, to ensure trouble-free motoring every time you drive.

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