How To Reset BMW Service Light

How To Reset BMW Service Light

Dashboard warnings are (usually) never a welcome sign. But what if the service light illuminates when maintenance isn’t due? This can happen if you’ve carried out service tasks yourself, as the computer system needs a reset to acknowledge the work has been done. When a service is carried out by a BMW specialist this will automatically be carried out. But, for those keen DIY mechanics out there, you’ll need to do this manually.

The following describes the steps to reset the service light.

5 Simple Steps to a Reset

·      How to reset BMW service light: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

·      BMW service light vs. BMW warning light 

How to reset BMW service light: it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

While there are some subtle differences to the service light reset process depending on the model and year of your BMW, the basic method of doing so remains the same. To determine the intricacies of your car, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

1.     Turn on the electricals but don’t start the engine: For those with a key start, this simply means only turning it until the dashboard lights come on. Models with a push-button start will vary and may require you to push the button three times in quick succession. Again, check your BMW manual as to how to do this.

2.     Press and hold the odometer button: This will bring up the service message on the dash.

3.     Release the button: Then push it again and the message will display the word, “Reset?”.

4.     Release the button and press again: This will bring up the message, “Reset in Progress”. Continue to depress the button until you see the message, “Reset Successful”. 

5.     Turn off the electrical system: Now turn off the car’s electrical system completely, wait a few moments, and then restart it. The light should now be reset and not illuminated on the dashboard.

BMW service light vs. BMW warning light

It’s worth mentioning that the service light differs from a warning light. Whereas the service light will be triggered by the number of miles (or length of time) that it’s been since the last service, a warning light is exactly as it sounds—it shows that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Such a warning will show, no matter how many miles have passed since the BMW was last serviced. 

Examples include:

  • Oil warning light
  • Brake warning light
  • Engine management system issue
  • Tyre pressure warning light
  • Bulb warning light (turn signal, brake, fog, license plate lamps, etc.)
  • Fog lamps are on
  • Battery warning light, showing that there’s either no charge in the battery, no charge is being received, the battery is dead or faulty, or there’s an issue with the alternator
  • Temperature light warning that the engine is overheating

BMW dashboard warning lights operate on a color-coded system as follows: 

  • Blue: This signifies that a feature or technology is currently active—such as a blue light signaling headlamps are on full beam.
  • Orange/yellow: There is a problem with a function that requires attention, but it’s not critical. You can continue to drive carefully and arrange for it to be looked at by an appropriate BMW mechanic.
  • Red: A warning that is critical and requires immediate attention.

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