How To Drain Mercedes Sprinter Fuel Tank

How To Drain Mercedes Sprinter Fuel Tank

There’s a couple of reasons that you might need to drain the fuel tank on a Mercedes sprinter. The first is the stomach-churning moment you realize that you’ve put gas in a diesel tank (something that’s more common than most people think. Don’t worry, you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last…).

The second is when the “water in fuel’ warning light comes on. It’s rare, but it can happen. If it does, then removing it is the only way to prevent catastrophic damage.

How To Drain a Mercedes Sprinter Fuel Tanks: Pro vs. DIY

·      How does water get into the fuel tank?

·      Drain the fuel filter first

·      Go-pro: Find Mercedes Sprinter service near me

How does water get into the fuel tank?

So, it’s pretty obvious as to how gas (as opposed to diesel) gets into the fuel tank (yep, many diesel vehicle owners have trodden that particular walk of shame…). But water? Now that’s a different issue. 

The fact that a Mercedes Sprinter has a warning light for just such an event tells you that while it might be rare, it’s certainly not an unheard of issue. If a vehicle has been sitting for an extended period with diesel in the tank, this can (rarely) be a cause of water in the tank. But the most likely reason? It’s because water has entered the massive fuel storage at a gas station. 

Again, it’s not common. But in hot and humid conditions or a cold period of freeze and thaw, water can saturate into the tank. So when you fill your vehicle with fuel the water is introduced into your Sprinter’s fuel tank. 

If that warning light comes on, stop driving straight away. The water contamination needs to be removed straight away.

Drain the fuel filter first

Before undertaking the dramatic step of draining the fuel tank entirely, you should first try draining the fuel filter. It’s relatively simple, requiring just a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. 

  1. Locate the fuel filter: This is found beneath the air filter cartridge on the top of the engine. Remove the clips that hold this in place and remove it.
  2. Remove the engine cover: Once you’ve removed the air filter cartridge you’ll be able to get to the engine cover. Unclip the clips and remove. At last, you’ve now got to the fuel filter (located on the right side of the engine).
  3. Unscrew the drain plug: Then partially unscrew the top of the oil filter. The air will force the water out of the filter—you’ll be able to hear it dripping. When the dripping stops, carry out the above steps in reverse to put it all back together.
  4. Activate the filter: Turn the key without starting the engine to activate the filter and ensure you don’t try to start the engine with no fuel in it. Wait about 20 seconds or so and then fire the ignition. The engine may turn over quite a few times before starting.

Hopefully, that’ll have rectified the problem. However, if the warning light comes on again, or you’ve put a large amount of gas into the tank, then there’s nothing else for it but to drain it completely. This is not such an easy fix and, for most people, warrants the actions of a professional. 

Go-Pro: Find Mercedes Sprinter service near me

The amount of time and the knowledge necessary to safely drain a fuel tank means most people will leave it to an expert. Seeking a provider often starts with an online search, and entering “find Mercedes Sprinter service near me” into Google is a good place to start. Be sure to check out reviews before you part with your hard-earned dollars—the last thing you want is to pay for a service from a provider that’s not up to the job.

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