How Often to Service an Auto Vehicle?

How Often to Service an Auto Vehicle?

Driving an auto is to take to the roads in the ultimate luxury and comfort. Let’s take Audi as an example. Driving a luxury marque, such as this, means that you cruise the highways in the full knowledge that you’re handling a highly sophisticated product that’s been brought to life thanks to top-end German engineering—and you’ll no doubt be commanding many an admiring glance along the way.

When it comes to servicing an auto, is there any difference between this and a stick shift? Read on to find out all you need to know…

Everything You Need to Know About Servicing an Auto

  • Auto vs. stick shift
  • Always use a marque-specific provider, such as an Audi Service Center 

Auto vs. stick shift

The main thing to understand about the difference between servicing a vehicle with an automatic transmission over that of a manual (stick shift) is regarding the transmission fluid. Both need to have the fluid changed to reduce the formation of sludge and help slow the wearing of the clutch plates. But there is a vital difference between the two.

With a manual transmission, the issue with internal fluid is more about contamination. While this is also a concern with an auto transmission, there’s the added issue of degradation. This happens because more heat is generated, causing a breakdown of the transmission fluid over time. This, in conjunction with the above-mentioned contamination, makes it doubly important that the fluid within an automatic gearbox is changed in line with manufacturer recommendations. Depending on usage, this could be anything from 15,000 miles through to never! However, on average, this will probably be somewhere between 60,000 – 100,000 miles.

Always use a marque-specific provider, such as an Audi Service Center

The key to adhering to the correct service schedule for a vehicle with automatic transmission (and, for that matter, with a stick shift) is to have it maintained by a provider who’s trained to work on that car. For instance, as we’ve already mentioned Audi, if you’re privileged enough to own and drive one of these wonders of advanced machinery, then for sure it needs to be tended by those in the know.

The reason for this is that every marque has its own quirks and foibles. Audis come in both automatic and stick shift, with an ever-increasing variety of models. Add in the burgeoning number of hybrid and electric vehicles that this German manufacturer is spearheading—such as the fully electric and innovative e-tron range or the hybrid TFSI e range, and it soon becomes wholly apparent that you should only entrust your precious wheels to those in the know.

When it comes to understanding what’s right for your particular car, including that about automatic transmission fluid requirements and servicing, such a provider is the best place to give you the correct advice. 

Audi Service Boca Raton? Call Autobahn of Boca Today

No matter whether you drive a stick shift or an auto, any quality vehicle needs mechanics who’re wholly familiar with their car. If you drive an Audi (or any other high-end German vehicle, such as a Porsche, BMW, VW, or Mercedes), and you live in South Florida, then did you know that you can go one step better than paying main dealer service prices?

At Autobahn of Boca, our vehicle technicians are trained to the highest of marque standards. When you bring your Audi to us, you’re guaranteed that the only people entrusted to work on her will be those who’re experts in the intricacies of the car. But—and here’s where we let you into a little secret—because we’re not tied into main dealer costings, we can pass those savings onto you.

Interested? Visit to find out more and get in touch today to book your Audi service.

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