How Often Should You Get A Tune Up

How Often Should You Get A Tune Up

The correct running of a car is wholly affected by its maintenance. This means that tune ups—or servicing—should be carried out as per the manufacturer’s schedule. The intervals between these depend on the marque, model, mileage driven, and style of driving.

However, there are some general rules when it comes to how often a car should be serviced. As well as engine maintenance, other elements of the car should also undergo regular checks. One example is the AC, which needs regular TLC to ensure that your car surrounds you in the luxury you expect every time you get behind the wheel.

From AC Tune Up to Vehicle Servicing

  • Car tune up: how often is it needed?
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Car tune up: how often is it needed? 

A car tune up or service should, at the minimum, be carried out once a year. However, most manufacturers advise that service intervals are determined by the mileage driven, rather than time scales. The average can be anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 miles but do check your service handbook to know what applies to your vehicle.

Tune ups and services are now referred to as minor and major services. These differ in the following ways:

  • Minor service: This includes a vehicle inspection and diagnostic checks, plus an oil change and filter replacements, if needed. Other elements might include greasing necessary joints and rotating the tires.
  • Major service: This is usually carried out every second service and includes many additional elements. Some of these include checking and replacing the brake and clutch fluid, replacing the differential and transmission oils, and re-greasing the wheel bearings. Other aspects might include changing timing belts, spark plugs, cabin and fuel filters, amongst other things. 

The important thing to understand about both minor and major services is that they don’t simply change various mechanical elements, but that they also identify any potential issues. Then, any necessary maintenance can be actioned so significant problems don’t affect the running of the vehicle in the future.

AC tune up

It’s important to remember that a car’s AC or climate control system also requires regular maintenance. The system needs regular re-gassing and an overhaul to ensure that there are no leaks anywhere in the long network of pipes. Failing to have an AC tune up regularly—again, at least once a year—might mean that it doesn’t work as efficiently as it should or cease working altogether.

A good service provider will include an AC tune up or check during both a service. However, it’s always worth asking if it’s going to be done. If your car isn’t due for a minor or major service and you notice that the AC isn’t as efficient as it should be, then the sooner you get it checked out the better. 

One of the main reasons AC stops cooling as it should is when there’s minor damage somewhere within the system. This might be solved with a re-gas. However, if there’s a small leak, then the sooner it’s diagnosed and repaired the less likely it is to evolve into an expensive problem.

Need an AC Tune or Overall Car Tune Up? You need Autobahn of Boca  

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Whether you need an AC tune, minor service, or a major overhaul, you can rest easy knowing that your precious wheels are in the ultimate hands.

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