How Often Should I Service My BMW?

How Often Should I Service My BMW?

When it comes to fine German engineering, it doesn’t get any better than a BMW (but as a BMW owner, you already know that). Revered for their luxury, power, and the ultimate in passenger comfort, your pride and joy deserves expert TLC—in other words, a regular service schedule. 

The following discusses everything you need to know about the different types of BMW, services, and how often they should be carried out.

Scheduling a BMW Service: Boca Raton, Florida, & Further Afield

·      The different types of BMW service

·      How do I know if my BMW needs a service?

The different types of BMW service

Whether you’re the proud owner of a brand new i8 or you’re head-over-heels in love with your vintage 3 series, regular servicing means you benefit from optimal performance and trouble-free motoring. Exact service intervals are model and age-specific, with the general guide being as follows: 

-       1992 and older: Every 7,500 miles

-       1992-1998: Every 10,000 miles

-       1999 onwards: Every 15,000 miles

This, of course, is a simplified overview, However, it gives a good grounding as to how often Beamers of various ages need to be serviced. Should you experience any reduction in the quality of how the car is running, hear any sounds (such as knocking, grinding, squeaks, etc.) this is a sign that your car needs additional attention. The same applies if any warning lights appear on the dash. 

How do I know if my BMW needs a service?

While the above is relevant to older BMWs, newer models have an intelligent maintenance system—known as Condition Based Servicing (CBS). This means that the on-board computer system can light up a range of dashboard icons to tell you that a certain aspect of the car needs attention. You can also find out home many miles until the next service through the vehicles iDrive system.

The CBS continually monitors the state of the various vehicle components, meaning that the service carried out is specific to the level of wear and tear. The system provides alerts according to:

-       Vehicle data

-       Oil levels and how long since it was last changed

-       Recommended interval periods and mileage recommendations

-       General wear and tear

How to Find a BMW Mechanic Near Me 

·      Shop local, shop savvy…

Shop local, shop savvy…

When it comes to servicing your precious BMW you do, of course, want a professional and expert service. This means marque-specific, qualified mechanics who understand the intricacies of BMWs specialized engineering. Once upon a time, the only way to avail yourself of such a service was to take your wheels to a BMW main dealer. Here you’d get BMW mechanics working on your car—but at a premium cost.

Today, the savvy BMW owner can seek out those vehicle experts with the same qualifications and experience, but at a lower cost. This is thanks to various BMW professionals taking their wealth of knowledge and providing the service through a car shop. Not only do their customers benefit from a far more wallet-friendly experience, but they get to support a smaller business in their locality.

BMW Service Boca Raton? It’s got to be Autobahn of Boca

You may well drive one of the finest pieces of automobile engineering on the road, but that doesn’t mean you want to pay over the odds for its maintenance. That’s where South Florida BMW owners are in luck because they have one of the premier car shops on their doorstep that offers BMW engineer servicing without the main dealer price tag—Autobahn of Boca.

To find out more, visit their dedicated web page at  Join the hundreds of savvy BMW owners who already take advantage of their expertise and book your service today.

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