How Often Does A Mercedes Need To Be Serviced?

How Often Does A Mercedes Need To Be Serviced?

There’s nothing quite like owning the honed piece of automobile perfection that is a Mercedes. From the care and dedication that’s created the luxury interior to the lines of the body that are, quite simply, a feast for the eyes, your Merc is undoubtedly your pride and joy.

So it goes without saying that you want to look after her…

Ensuring the right service is done at the correct time is the key to trouble-free motoring. The following is an easy guide to understanding everything you need to know about a Mercedes Benz Service schedule.

The A to B of Mercedes Benz Service 

·       Mercedes servicing: An overview

·       Mercedes Benz Service A

·       Mercedes Benz Service B

Mercedes servicing: An overview 

Before we get into the intricacies, let’s talk about what you need to consider when determining how often your Merc needs to be serviced.

While there are, of course, service schedules to be adhered to. You should also take the following into account as to how often your car needs to be tuned.

1.     How many miles it covers per annum

2.     How well it’s been maintained

3.     The age of the car

4.     The type of driving it’s subjected to (hard, fast, rough surfaces, etc.)

As a general rule of thumb, a Mercedes should be serviced by a professional at least once per year, or every 10,000 miles—whichever comes first.

Regular maintenance ensures all elements remain running at their optimum, thanks to carrying out tasks such as: 

·       Changing the oil

·       Changing the filters (oil, air, fuel, etc.)

·       Checking and topping up fluid levels

·       Inspecting and maintaining the cooling system (radiator, pumps, hoses, etc.)

·       Checking the steering alignment

·       Tuning the engine

·       Testing the condition of the battery

·       Ensuring the brakes, steering, and exhaust system are running at optimal level

·       Checking lights, tires, and all other components of the vehicles for safe and optimum performance

For 2009 Mercedes models onwards, a garage will perform either an A or a B service each year. These are the codes that the brand uses to determine the difference between a regular service and a major service, and they break down like this…

Mercedes Benz Service A

An A-service is carried out after year 1 or at 10,000 miles (whichever comes soonest). After that, it’s carried out every second year, or every 20,000 miles. The service includes the following:

-        Oil change

-        Oil filter change

-        Fluid checks and corrections

-        Tire inflation check and correction

-        Brake inspection

-        Maintenance counter reset

Mercedes Benz Service B

The B-service is performed on alternate years to the A-service. All the above steps are included, but some extra steps are carried out, such as cabin dust/combination filter replacement and a brake fluid exchange.

Mercedes Benz Service for Older Vehicles, Diesels, & Speciality Models

-        Diesel Mercedes

-        AMG and V12s

-        Older Mercs need love too

Diesel Mercedes

Diesel servicing is similar but includes additional aspects specific to this type of fuel, like topping up the AdBlue. Once again, a service should be carried out yearly or at 10,000 miles (whichever comes first). The A-service and B-service intervals are the same as for gas models. 

AMGs and V12s

Specialty models, such as AMGs and those with V12 engines, should be serviced as per the individual model’s maintenance service requirements. If you’re unsure of these (or do not have the model manual) you should refer to your local Mercedes Benz specialist.

Older Mercs need love too…

Let’s not forget that many older Mercedes are still happily purring along the freeways of the country and they too need regular servicing. With vintage models, it makes sense to use a mechanic service that knows the quirks of the marque. This means using a Mercedes specialist who’ll treat your ride with as much care and attention as if it were their own.

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