How Often Do I Need An Oil Change Service?

How Often Do I Need An Oil Change Service?

Oil is an essential element for an engine to run, but it can be a little confusing as to how often it needs to be changed. In fact, why does it need to be changed? Won’t the same oil keep circulating the engine to keep it lubricated as necessary?

Read on to discover everything you ever needed to know about the oil in your car’s engine, how important it is to change it regularly, and how often this needs to be done.

The Importance of Engine Oil

  • Why a car engine needs oil
  • Why oil needs to be regularly changed

Why a car engine needs oil

The majority of a car’s engine components are made from metal. This means that, as they move, they need a lubricant to make this possible. This is the role that engine oil plays. In addition, it also plays a part in heat conduction, as engines generate great temperatures as they move.

Without oil, the engine parts would overheat and seize within minutes. 

Why oil needs to be changed regularly

Oil doesn’t last forever. As it circulates through the engine it picks up dirt, dust, and debris. In addition to this, it also degrades over time. What this means is that oil has a finite lifespan. Exactly how long depends on many aspects, including:

  • How often the car is used
  • The regular lengths of journey the car is used for
  • The outside environment
  • The quality (grade) of oil used.

Oil Change Service: essential information

  • When do I need an oil change service?
  • Why different cars have different oil change service needs

Why do I need an oil change service?

Failing to change the oil regularly leads to poor lubrication and heat conduction. In turn, this means reduced engine performance, a less than smooth drive, and, in worst-case scenarios, a seized engine. 

While it’s entirely possible to change the engine oil yourself, it’s a messy job that requires various equipment. Taking advantage of an oil change service means the job is done swiftly and—most importantly—correctly. The technician will also ensure that the correct grade and type of oil is used for your particular vehicle.

Why different cars have different oil change service needs

The oft-asked question of ‘how often do I need to change my car oil’ doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. The instructions  on bottles of engine oil often tout the 3,000-mile rule. However, under normal driving conditions, this isn’t necessarily accurate.

Newer cars can go 5,000, 7,000, or even 10,000 miles between oil changes. But note that this will be significantly less for cars being driven under severe conditions. This includes:

  • Cars working in extremes of weather
  • Vehicles regularly towing heavy loads
  • Cars being used for speed, such as track days
  • Constantly being used for very short journeys—less than 10 miles

The reason for the last point is that during short drives the oil never gets up to full temperature, therefore it doesn’t burn off the moisture that collects when the car’s not running. Constant short journeys warrant an oil change every 6 months or so, even though the engine isn’t hitting anywhere near the mileage that would normally trigger an oil change.

Looking for an Oil Change Service Provider? Contact Autobahn of Boca Today

Carrying out an essential oil change service is just one of the many different service options on offer at Autobahn of Boca. We do, of course, carry out oil changes during minor and major services as per manufacturer guidelines. But we also do a simple oil change whenever it’s deemed necessary.

But at Autobahn we go one step further than simply a renewal of the black stuff. We’ll also give all the engine fluids a check over (water, transmission fluid, washer bottle, power steering fluid, etc), plus you can rest safe in the knowledge that your experienced auto engineer will be casting his eye over the engine as a whole. If he or she spots any obvious warning signs they can d let you know if further investigation is deemed necessary.

Visit and get in touch today to book your oil change service.

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