How Much Does Brake Repair Cost?

How Much Does Brake Repair Cost?

The braking system is the number one most important safety feature in a car. When it comes to brake repairs or a brake service, it should only be carried out by a trusted source. The cost of repairs varies and is dependent on the make of the car and the problem with the brakes. The following discusses the different types of brake repairs and the importance of proactive checks to ensure your ride’s stopping power is as good as its acceleration. 

The A-Z of Brake Repair

·      Pads, calipers, and drums

·      Master cylinders and wheel cylinders

·      The importance of brake fluid 

Pads, calipers, and drums

Brakes differ from many other elements of the car in that they’re designed to wear out. Brake pads, in particular, have a finite lifespan. Once worn to a certain level they need to be replaced. Every time you hit the brake pedal the pads are what slows the car, creating friction that causes the pad to degrade.

The key to changing brake pads is to do so before they wear too extensively. It’s a relatively cheap fix—perhaps in the region of $75 to $100. But leave it too long and damage might occur to the drums, calipers, or rotor. Repairing these will leave a dent in your wallet that typically hits the several hundred dollar mark, depending on the make of car.

Master cylinders and wheel cylinders

For brakes to function, they need brake fluid. This is stored in the master cylinder. When you depress the brakes this fluid is forced out of the master cylinder and down into each wheel cylinder. This allows for the necessary force to be applied to the brake pads. Replacing a master cylinder ranges anywhere from $200 upwards, and will increase in cost if the wheel cylinders are affected. 

The importance of brake fluid 

Brakes can’t work without fluid, making it essential that the system has an adequate amount. One of the most common problems is a low level of brake fluid—and it’s an easy fix. However, depending on how low the fluid is the system might need bleeding, in addition to topping it up. Unless you’re experienced in doing so, this is best carried out by a professional car technician.

Good Brake Maintenance Reduces the Risk of Needing Brake Repair

·      The essential elements of brake maintenance

The essential elements of brake maintenance 

Quite simply, good brake maintenance will drastically reduce the likelihood of unexpected repairs. Such checks form a part of the annual vehicle service or can be carried out in isolation, during a brake service. Either way, they should include the following: 

  • Brake fluid checks: The level should be checked and, if low, topped up. However, low fluid levels might indicate a leak in the brake line. This is a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to brake failure. If such an issue is discovered, the car technician will need to locate the problem and carry out the necessary repair. Brake fluid can also become contaminated, in which case it will need replacing.
  • Brake pad service: Brake pads last anywhere between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, depending on the vehicle and manner in which it’s driven. These must be changed before they become too worn, and is an inexpensive aspect of car maintenance.
  • Other brake maintenance: Even under the best driving conditions, eventually all aspects of the braking system will wear out. A brake service will determine the condition of all the elements and advise if any part is becoming worn or needs to be replaced.

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