Electric Vehicle Repair

Electric Vehicle Repair 

The era of the electric car has well and truly arrived. However, while there are certainly more of them on the road, it’s not quite so commonplace to find experienced electric vehicle mechanics at every car shop. 

The following looks at some of the common faults that electric vehicles might suffer and how to find the best service provider to fix them. 

Electric Vehicle Repair: your questions answered 

  • Common electric vehicle repair needs 
  • How to find an experienced electric vehicle repair provider 

Common electric vehicle repair needs 

Electric vehicles have many of the same maintenance needs that their gas and diesel counterparts do, but with some very specific differences. As they are powered by electricity, rather than burning fuel, ensuring the health of the system requires very different attention.  

Some of the most common electric vehicle maintenance and repairs include:  

  • Charging issues 
  • A reducing range between charges 
  • Battery health  

As you can see, these are very different from traditional service needs, such as fuel filter changes, spark plugs, and misfiring issues. 

Because of this, electric vehicle maintenance and repair should only be carried out by those who’ve undertaken the training needed to work on these cars. 

How to find an experienced electric vehicle repair provider 

Selecting an electric vehicle service and repair provider is something you should approach with care. Because of the relative newness of the technology, many experienced mechanics have yet to have updated their skills to work on these cars. 

For this reason, many people who’ve purchased an electric vehicle feel that their only safe option is to have it carried out at a main dealer. This could be the best solution for many. But, of course, this route always comes at a premium price. However, there are other options available, as long as you take care to research potential providers.  

Questions to ask any potential electric vehicle repair shop include: 

  • Have the vehicle technicians undergone the necessary training to work on electric/hybrid vehicles? 
  • Are they trained to work on your marque of car? 
  • What guarantees do they offer on repair work carried out? 
  • Do they offer a courtesy vehicle while yours is in the repair shop?  

In addition, you should check the requirements of your vehicle warranty when it comes to third-party repairs. Most will state that the work must be carried out by an experienced and approved supplier. As electric vehicle mechanics become more commonplace, this will become less of an issue. However, while the technology is still being developed, such expertise won’t be offered by every garage. This means you should take care when choosing a supplier. 

Need Luxury Electric Vehicle Repair? Contact Autobahn of Boca Today 

Boca Raton’s leading independent car shop, Autobahn of Boca, is at the forefront of electric vehicle service and repair. Not only is every technician marque-trained to work on the most luxurious of cars, such as Audi, BMW, VW, Porsche, and Mercedes, but they’re fully up to date with the latest nuances of hybrid and electric car technology. 

Because of this, Autobahn is proud to offer electric vehicle repair and maintenance that’s wholly comparable (and dare we say exceeds) that of main dealers. One reason for this is that we’re not beholden to the same mark-ups that dealers charge, meaning we can pass these savings onto our customers. Add our exceptional customer service into the mix and it won’t take long to realize why we’re the car shop of choice for the savviest of luxury car owners in South Florida. 

Don’t entrust your precious electric vehicle to anyone other than the experts. Visit 

https://www.autobahnofboca.com/services  to discover more and call today to book an appointment.

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