Early Signs Of Transmission Failure

A correctly working transmission is essential for a car to function. Therefore, its maintenance is a vital aspect of car care. However, transmission servicing differs a little from other car maintenance as it isn’t always carried out on a defined timescale. This doesn’t mean that it’s left to its own devices, as both automatic and manual transmissions still require care. What does need to be done regularly is the servicing of the transmission fluid.

Even with this, the transmission can fail. Knowing the signs to look out for and ensuring prompt, experienced attention is necessary to prevent a catastrophic failure and the related high cost of putting it right.

Transmission Failure: the warning signs 

  • The 10 telltale signs of transmission failure

The 10 telltale signs of transmission failure

Early detection is key to preventing transmission failure. If you experience any of the following you should take your car to the repair shop as soon as possible:

  1. A burning smell: This could signify an overheating transmission or that the transmission fluid needs changing due to age.
  2. Slipping out of gear: This is potentially dangerous, as well as being disconcerting. If it starts to happen, then seek professional attention straight away.
  3. Any shaking or grinding: Most usually experienced when an automatic transmission has problems. It occurs when the transmission shifts up or down a gear.
  4. Difficulty in changing gear: This can happen when transmission fluid degrades, or the wrong type has been added.
  5. The transmission fluid warning light appears: As with any dashboard warning light, this should be checked immediately.
  6. A transmission fluid leak: You may notice a reddish, sweet-smelling fluid has leaked from under your car. Once again, this requires immediate attention.
  7. The clutch drags: In a manual transmission, the clutch fails to disengage, or is slow to do so when you depress the clutch pedal.
  8. You hear strange noises: Clunking, whining, squealing sounds when you change gear need to be investigated.
  9. You can’t change from park to drive: Or vice versa.
  10. The transmission makes noises when in neutral: This is a sure-fire sign that the transmission needs to be checked.

Preventing Transmission Failure 

  • The importance of a regular transmission service
  • What a transmission service involves

The importance of a regular transmission service

While it’s true that a complete transmission service isn’t something a car requires on a regular basis, what it does need is regular attention to the transmission fluid. This is true for both manual and automatic vehicles. Doing so won’t only ensure that the car changes gear as it should—it also drastically reduces the chances of problems occurring with the system itself.

What a transmission service involves

There’s a variety of things carried out during a transmission service. Exactly what will be determined by the engineer working on the car and the intervals for carrying them out, as per manufacturer specification.

These include: 

  • A ‘drain and fill’ service
  • Transmission fluid exchange
  • Filter replacement
  • Manual transmission-specific service

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