Don't Let Your Car's Air Conditioning System Fail You

Don't Let Your Car's Air Conditioning System Fail You

Air conditioning is something most of us can’t live without—especially in the hot Florida climate. So, it makes sense to ensure regular maintenance so you can be guaranteed of that delicious stream of cold air whenever you press the ignition.

The following discusses everything you need to know about keeping the a/c working at an optimal level—plus some common faults and what to do if it all goes wrong…

Car Air Conditioning and Heating Systems 

  • All about your vehicle’s A/C
  • What can go wrong? Common issues that warrant A/C repair
  • A/C repair

All about your vehicle’s A/C

In today’s luxury cars, the air conditioning and heating system work in conjunction with each other. At the press of a button, you can have virtually instant cabin climate control, creating an environment at the exact temperature you require. Whether you live in a hot or cold region, this is undoubtedly a feature that you don’t want to live without.

However, issues with a car’s a/c or climate control system can lead to it blowing warm or hot air, when all you want is a refreshing cool breeze. When you live in a climate where temperatures regularly top 90 degrees, then a correctly working a/c system isn’t just a nice to have—it’s a necessity. 

What can go wrong? Common issues that warrant A/C repair

The following are 4 common reasons that air conditioning and/or climate control fails to work as expected:

  1. The refrigerant is leaking: If there’s a leak anywhere in the system, then the air won’t effectively reduce in temperature. It can leak at any point in the system, although the hose connection points are the most common.
  2. A broken or blocked condenser: This is responsible for re-cooling the refrigerant after it’s been heated. Part of its function uses an external airflow. If this becomes blocked or, if the condenser itself becomes damaged or broken, then this can’t happen. A blockage might be as simple as debris blocking the inflow. However, a broken condenser will need to be replaced.
  3. Faulty or broken cooling fans: These keep the condenser cool. If they become damaged or stop working, then the a/c won’t work or will only work at reduced efficiency. The fans can crack or become faulty due to electrical issues. Whatever the problem, this requires professional repair.
  4. Underusing the a/c system: Not using the system means the refrigerant doesn’t circulate and the compressor can cease to operate correctly. This is a common scenario during the winter months when you might not use the air conditioning so much. Prevent this from occurring by using it at full blast for at least 15 minutes per week, whatever the outside temperature.

A/C repair

The repair of an air conditioning, heating system, or climate control might be a simple fix or, in the worst-case, require a complete rebuild. Good maintenance is key to preventing the latter. This will involve a professional service that checks all the elements are functioning as they should, refilling the refrigerant if necessary, and an overview of the condenser and cooling fans to ensure there are no partial blockages or damage.

A/C Repair for Luxury Cars: You need Autobahn of Boca

Your vehicle’s a/c and heating system is a vital component of a luxury car. Climate control is an intricate computerized system that’s featured on many prestige vehicles. That makes caring for them something that should only be approached by a marque-specific expert. At Autobahn of Boca, we only employ highly skilled mechanics who’ve been trained to work on the most illustrious of cars, such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and VW. 

Don’t entrust the care of your vehicle to anyone else. Visit to find out more and book your car in today. 

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