Common Engine Oil Leak Questions

Common Engine Oil Leak Questions

Oil leaks are a car maintenance issue that can range from being mildly annoying to the cause of a catastrophic breakdown. While you hope that an oil leak will never happen on a well-maintained vehicle—and, indeed, regular servicing is crucial to reduce the risk—it can still occur.

The following are answers to some of the most common engine oil leak questions.

Engine Oil Leak: 5 common questions

  • 1. Is it safe to drive with an engine oil leak?
  • 2. Why is my car leaking engine oil when parked?
  • 3. Is my car leaking engine oil or water?
  • 4. What causes an engine oil leak?
  • 5. What problems can an engine oil leak cause?

1. Is it safe to drive with an engine oil leak?

A car with a minor oil leak can safely be driven to a garage for repair as long as the level hasn’t gone below the “low” fill. Level on the dipstick. A few drops on the ground beneath the car probably aren’t any cause for immediate concern, giving you time to get the car booked in for the necessary maintenance. A great big puddle is much more of a concern and if you try to drive it then any modern car will immediately show a warning on the dash.

The problem with oil leaks is that a minor one can suddenly become major. If this happens when driving, serious engine damage can be sustained. This is why it’s vital to get any oil leak checked out by a professional as soon as you notice it.

2. Why is my car leaking engine oil when parked?

When a car is parked, gravity will mean that oil settles in the lowest areas. There are many reasons that this might leak from the closed system of the engine, including bad valve seals or rings, damaged oil gaskets, or an incorrect installation of a part of the system.

It’s also usually a sign that the car is due for an oil change. Old, dirty oil is often a culprit. This also reduces engine performance efficiency and operation. 

3. Is my car leaking engine oil or water?

Engines rely on many different fluids: water, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission oil, differential oil, coolant… To the layperson, a leak of one of these might not be easy to define. However, all of these fluids should remain safely within the vehicle, so if you see a leak of any kind, it’s best to get it professionally assessed and repaired. 

4. What causes an engine oil leak?

There are many reasons a car can leak oil. Some of the more common are:

  • A hole somewhere within the system, such as a gasket
  • A poorly installed gasket change
  • A damaged cylinder head
  • Overfilling the engine oil 

5. What problems can an engine oil leak cause?

A lack of oil can cause major damage to the engine, with the worst-case scenario being a completely seized engine. If oil accumulates in places it shouldn’t, it can cause damage to the seals and hoses. Leaking oil is also an environmental hazard—another reason why you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Got an Engine Oil Leak? You need Autobahn of Boca… 

Engine oil leaks should be dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Oil is the lifeblood of good engine operation—any leak will only get worse. At Autobahn of Boca, our marque-trained mechanics will assess the problem, define the location of the leak, and carry out the necessary repair. They’ll also perform an in-depth investigation into why the leak occurred and if any subsequent engine damage has occurred in conjunction. 

Of course, many leaks are so tiny at first that most people won’t notice them. That’s one reason that regular servicing is so vital. Autobahn is the premier provider for luxury vehicle owners in South Florida who love our better-than-dealership service model but without main dealer prices.

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