Top 5 Common Audi Repair Problems

Audis are great German cars and like several other luxury vehicles, they have their own common maintenance problems. Most of the problems are unique to Audi vehicles, but they shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the money you spent on your car. Of course, each car has its own unique issues, but there is no problem that doesn’t have solution.

If you don’t fix Audi’s problems as soon as possible, the problems may not allow you to enjoy the classic beauty of your car. Here are the common problems with Audi.

  1. Electrical Components Issues – Electric components failure is an issue that is common with Audi vehicles. Most owners have reported their car has problems like digital dashboard display issue, failed tailed lamps, and erratic lights. When this kind of issues pops up, it may be an easy fix, but most of the time it requires expert diagnosis. Our highly-training Audi technicians are equipped to tackle nearly any electrical problem you may encounter with your vehicle.
  2. Ignition Coil Failure – Ignition coil failure is another common problem, if not one of the most common Audi mechanical problems. On modern Audi vehicles each cylinder has its own ignition coil (or coil pack). This device is responsible for sending a burst of electrical energy to the spark plug which ignites the air fuel mixture, resulting in combustion. This process is what creates horsepower and powers your vehicle. If one of the ignition coils stops functioning, there is one less cylinder firing which creates a ‘misfire’. The result is reduced power, rough idle, and usually a flashing check engine light.
  3. Catalytic Converters Replacement – The reason catalytic converters fail most times is the carbon build-up which solidifies and jams the exhaust flow (clogging). It is important to take the car to a qualified techincian to find the cause of the problem because replacing the catalytic converter is not a long-term solution. Keep the car engine fine-tuned and take it in for regular maintenance to prevent issues like catalytic converter failure.
  4. Oil Leaks – Audi oil leak problems can be caused by multiple things, but two area prone to leaking are the camshaft tensioner and valve cover gasket. Replacement is relatively inexpensive and should be done sooner than later to avoid oil loss.
  5. Carbon Build Up – New Audi models from 2005 forward use a fuel injection method called direct injection. While this method of fuel delivery provides better fuel efficiency and power compared to traditional port injection, it does have it drawbacks. Since the fuel being sprayed into the cylinder is injected below the intake valve, carbon deposits can build up on top of the valve and upper cylinder chamber. This excess carbon build up can create rough idling, reduced fuel efficiency, and reduced horsepower.

If your Audi is experiencing any problems, be sure to bring it to Autobahn of Boca Raton. Our expert technicians are equipped with the right tools and training to repair any issues you may be having with your German luxury vehicle.

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