Autobahn’s Guide To Brake Repair

Autobahn’s Guide To Brake Repair

Autobahn’s Guide To Brake Repair 

The brakes are one of the most important safety features of any vehicle, thus they warrant the utmost care. Regular maintenance is vital, with any necessary repairs carried out immediately.

Read on to take advantage of Autobahn of Boca’s guide to brake maintenance and repairs for automobiles.

Brake Repair Essentials 

  • Brake repairs begin with proactive maintenance
  • Components of vehicle brakes 
  • Getting the best out of vehicle brakes

Brake repairs begin with proactive maintenance

The last thing anyone wants is a failure of their vehicle’s braking system. The only way to effectively prevent this is through regular maintenance. This means that every component is checked for wear and damage. Brakes are not designed to last forever. Stress and friction occur each time you depress the brake pedal. Depending on your driving style, this can mean that brakes wear true to manufacturers recommended lifespan or, if you’re a little heavy-footed, will not have such good longevity. 

When you take a vehicle to an auto repair shop for a brake service, they will assess the complete braking system. This is known as brake diagnostics. It provides a thorough overview that inspects every element that makes up the system, including the anti-lock braking system (ABS), to determine what—if any—repairs or replacement parts are needed.

Components of vehicle brakes

Knowing what makes up the braking system of a car is key to understanding what parts need to be maintained.

Depending on the age and model of a car, it will consist of a variety of parts. These include: 

  • Brake pads
  • Brake rotors
  • Brake calipers
  • Brake shoes
  • Brake cylinders
  • ABS
  • Hydraulics
  • Foundation brakes
  • Air disc brakes
  • Drum brakes
  • Braking fluid & lube
  • Anti-lock features

Each element works in conjunction with the rest. This means that if one part is worn or damaged, the whole system cannot work in the correct manner necessary to safely slow and stop the car.

Getting the best out of vehicle brakes 

As well as proactive maintenance, the best way to ensure longevity from a braking system is to drive in a manner that doesn’t put it under undue stress. This means adopting the following habits:

Use your brake less and in a gentle fashion

Don’t tailgate, therefore reducing the need to use your brakes hard to stop unexpectedly

Keep to the speed limit. The faster you drive the more braking pressure you need to stop

Don’t overload the vehicle. The more people and gear you carry in a car, the harder you’ll need to brake to slow and stop the car.

Common Brake Repair Problems

  • Common reasons to service a car’s brakes

Common reasons to service a car’s brakes 

If you’re worried about your vehicle’s braking system you should get it serviced asap. Common reasons include:

  • At the recommended service intervals: Depending on your vehicle make and model, this could be at anything from 30,000 to 50,000 miles
  • Vibrations when you brake: This warrants immediate attention as it can signal an issue with the calipers or brake rotors. 
  • Noises when braking: This might sound like a grinding or squealing and signals worn brake pads and/or rotors. Get this checked immediately as not only is it unsafe to do many more miles, but failing to replace the worn parts will lead to more extensive damage (and therefore more expensive to fix).
  • The brake warning light illuminates: Don’t ignore this as it’s a warning that something is amiss within the braking system. 
  • The vehicle pulls to one side when braking: Worn brakes can cause the vehicle to pull left or right when you press the pedal. This is another sign that immediate attention is needed.

Only Use a Trusted Provider, Such as Autobahn of Boca, for Brake Repairs

Along with elements, such as roadworthy tires and a correctly functioning chassis, the braking system of a vehicle is crucial for safety. That’s why you should never entrust the maintenance and/or repair to anyone but the experts.

At Autobahn of Boca, we only use marque-specific, trained engineers to work on prestigious vehicles, including BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, VW, and Audi. But, thanks to our unique model, this expertise comes at well below main dealer prices. 

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