Auto Body Shop Boca Raton

Auto Body Shop Boca Raton

Auto Body Shop Boca Raton

Finding a trusted provider to carry out remedial work to your ride following an accident or damage is, sometimes, easier said than done. Color match and seamless integration of repair work don’t come about by chance—it’s the result of highly qualified and expert craftsmanship that brings about the expected results.


This applies whether the work is carried out under insurance or by self-funding. Sure, the insurers might be paying for it, but you want the right service and your car back on the road in a timely manner.


The following discusses how to find a body shop that brings the results you expect, no matter where in the country you live.


The 1,2,3 of Finding a Reliable Auto Body Shop


  • 1. Do your research: know what makes a good auto body shop
  • 2. Set your expectations high
  • 3. Make a reservation


1. Do your research: know what makes a good auto body shop


Many profess to carry out repair work. Sadly, not all auto body shops are made equal. The following are definitive signs that a body shop offers the level of service that your vehicle deserves.


  • Polite and professional service: This should be from the outset. In today’s digital age this includes an easy to navigate and informative website—one that includes the physical address of the company, a dedicated email, and telephone details. Beware the overused methods of only providing a contact form to fill in, so preventing you from easily getting in touch when you need to… Email contact should be prompt, phone contact easy to get through to, and face-to-face communication should instill you with confidence.
  • Great online reviews: While these aren’t the be-all and end-all (plus they can be both negatively and positively manipulated) an overall good rating on review sites, such as Google, indicates that a company is reputable and provides good service.
  • Personal recommendations: Ask around friends, family, and colleagues if they have an auto body shop that they’ve used and can recommend.
  • Looks are everything: When you visit, does the body shop have a professional appearance? Are the areas clean and tidy? Do the technicians wear uniforms? Are there cars of caliber being worked upon? First impressions count, so if you don’t get a good vibe then it’s probably time to look elsewhere.

2. Set your expectations high


Don’t settle for anything less than excellent. A good auto body shop will provide you with a definitive service schedule in printed format. They’ll tell you how long the work will take to carry out, the costs, a date to get your vehicle back, and more. What they won’t do is give vague guesstimates that leave you unsure what you’ll end up paying or, indeed, how long you’ll be without a car.


The best body shops will also provide you with a courtesy vehicle should you need it, ensuring that you’re not without wheels while your car’s with them.


3. Make a reservation


If your chosen auto body shop has ticked the above boxes, then it’s time to make a reservation. It’s always a good sign if they can’t fit you in immediately—it usually means their services are sought after. However, quality outfits are experienced at managing their workload and know that customers don’t want to wait weeks to get a slot. Ideally, they’ll have something for you within a week or two but bear in mind that this will also depend on the extent of work that needs to be carried out.


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