Auto Body Fleet Repair

Auto Body Fleet Repair 

When you run a fleet of vehicles, be they vans or cars, it’s important to factor in the need for bodywork repairs. Knocks, scrapes, and bangs are part and parcel of life on the road – and it’s in a company’s best interest that their vehicles look the part. After all, they’re the frontline business showcase of any business – and no one wants their ‘shop window’ to look anything but pristine.

Sadly, not all fleet repair services are made equal. The following looks at what you should look for from your service provider and why the main dealer approach might not necessarily be the most fruitful.

All About Fleet Repair 

  • What exactly is fleet repair?
  • Who offers fleet repair?

What exactly is fleet repair?

Fleet repair, or—to give it a more accurate title—fleet maintenance, refers to everything to do with the upkeep of the vehicles used by a business for employees to perform their duties. This might include corporate company cars, vans for tradespeople, taxis, limos, or similar. 

The crucial aspect of good fleet repair is to ensure that the vehicles remain in good condition and on the road. This is only possible through a sustained program of servicing and maintenance—plus quick remedial action should a problem or accident occur. 

No matter what the size of an organization or the number of vehicles, effective fleet maintenance minimizes downtime and has a positive impact on company profits. 

Who offers fleet repair? 

Fleet repair is best undertaken through a reliable garage service that has the capacity to deal with the number of vehicles you have today—and, most importantly—be able to upscale as your company expands.

While many sources may claim to offer fleet repair, an effective service isn’t solely about repairing vehicles. Main dealer options are common, but very often don’t offer the best value for money or level of service. The best fleet maintenance also looks after the complete database of the company's rolling stock, organizing timely servicing, annual mandatory safety inspections, and emission inspections. They will also advise when vehicles might be up for renewal—typically, businesses like to keep their fleet around 5 years or younger. 

What to Look for in a Fleet Repair Service? 

  • Why you should demand nothing but the best from your fleet repair service

Why you should demand nothing but the best from your fleet repair service  

Along with the obvious benefit of vehicles being reliable, thanks to regular servicing, a good fleet repair service has other advantages. These include:

  • Cheaper running costs, as badly maintained vehicles use more fuel, oil, and are likely to develop multiple faults
  • Increased resale value
  • Compliance with environmental regulations—an important element of business responsibilities

When seeking out a fleet repair service provider, it’s important to ensure they can comprehensively attend to your needs. Ask the following questions of any supplier that you are considering: 

  • Are their engineers and technicians qualified to work on the marque of vehicle/s you use?
  • Can they provide service both on-site and off-site? If they can’t do the latter, will they organize collection of a broken down vehicle, if necessary?
  • Do they offer courtesy vehicles?
  • What other companies do they provide a similar service for? Can you get recommendations?
  • How long have they been offering fleet maintenance and repair?
  • Do they have the scope to increase the service as your business requirements for vehicles grow?
  • Do they offer bodywork repairs, meaning vehicles don’t have to be sent to an external supplier?

You should also confirm that you’re not tied into any long-term commitment to utilize their services until a probationary period has passed and you’re confident in the service provided.  

Autobahn of Boca Offer the Ultimate in Fleet Repair 

At Autobahn of Boca, we only employ technicians that are marque-specific trained to work on our customers' prestigious vehicles. This, combined with our second-to-none customer service model, is why both private and corporate customers choose our services over that of main dealers and other operators. At Autobahn, the only way we want our clients to feel is that we’ve over-achieved, so we strive to offer this quality of service every time. 

If you’re looking for any kind of fleet service or body repair for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW, or other luxury marque, then get in touch.

Visit today to discover why we’re fast becoming the fleet body repair and service provider for businesses in Boca Raton and further afield.

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