A Luxury Experience

A Luxury Experience

Owning and driving a luxury vehicle, especially one that hails from Europe, is truly one of life’s delights. From the advanced handling to the streamlined good looks, drivers of BMWs, Porsches, Audis, VWs, Mercedes are a discerning bunch.


Of course, such a hallowed driving experience demands a maintenance provider that matches the same level of performance.


Enter the specialist world of luxury vehicle maintenance…


What is Luxury Vehicle Maintenance?


  • Marque expertise
  • Is there a main dealer alternative?


Marque expertise


Luxury cars represent the very best driving experience. From road handling to performance through to luxurious interiors and cosseted cabin comforts, for those who love hitting the road, there’s no better way to travel.


Every marque has its own intricacies. BMW will differ from Porsche: an Audi won’t be the same as a Merc, etc., etc. Because of this, luxury car maintenance can only be of the highest level if those who carry out the work are wholly familiar with the make and various models produced.


For many, this means the main dealer experience. Something that we’re sure you’ll agree represents a hefty chunk of money each time you enter through those gliding showroom doors.


But is there an alternative—and we’re not talking about that dodgy-looking car shop down that side street. Is there a way to ensure the same (or better) luxury car maintenance service without having to max out your credit card on every visit?


Well, perhaps there is…


Is there a main dealer alternative?


OK, so we’re going to let you into a little secret that main dealers certainly don’t want you to know. When it comes to the combination of maintenance and costs, they don’t provide the best solution.


Not only are they beholden to the pricing levels dictated by the company, but quite often they provide shocking customer service. Now, that’s not true of all main dealers, we hasten to add. But because many tie you into what sounds like an attractive servicing deal when you purchase the vehicle, they don’t have to make an effort to keep your business.


However, independent luxury vehicle maintenance providers have to go the extra mile to win business. If they don’t provide outstanding service (both mechanically and professionally), then customers won’t return. 


If you’re considering using a specialist non-dealer luxury car maintenance provider, then you should expect the following:


  • Highly experienced, marque-trained specialist technicians
  • The VIP treatment, including incredible customer service and a courtesy vehicle as standard]
  • The use of genuine, marque-specific parts for all maintenance
  • The highest grade of manufacturer-recommended fluids, such as engine oil
  • Accurate documentation and service stamps—exactly the same as that of a main dealer


Plus, as independent providers aren’t held to charging dealer prices, you should expect them to pass savings onto you. And that equals more money in your wallet…


Experience the Ultimate in Luxury Vehicle Maintenance at Autobahn of Boca


Much as extolling your own virtues isn’t always appropriate, at Autobahn of Boca we’ve got good reason to be proud of our long-standing great reputation. We offer a unique service model that surpasses that of the main dealer expertise and raises luxury car maintenance to the highest level.


Why can we say that? Because every single one of our vehicle technicians has undergone training for the marque he or she works upon (plus continues to have regular updates to keep their skills sharp). They also have extensive experience working on their chosen type of car. When it comes to customer service, we strive to provide not just something  acceptable, but that’s truly outstanding.


Whether you drive a BMW, Merc, VW, Porsche, or Audi, you can rest assured that your ride will get the ultimate maintenance when you entrust it to our care.


But we’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind. Find out more at https://www.autobahnofboca.com and get in touch today to book an appointment.


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